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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Starting out as a small stamp group in 2018, the Help Force is one of the top four armies in the army community today. The blue army has a rich history behind its name. It has had many controversial as well as legendary leaders, one of them being Barnito. Under his leadership, along with a couple of other leaders, the army saw their rise to the top and earned a lot of fame. But how did Barnito ever get into a leadership role in the first place?

Barnito is one of those leaders whose backstory can be a perfect example of how a mere troop can end up leading the army to heights never seen before.  He joined the Help Force as a recruit in 2018, with no idea of what armies were. Exactly one year later, Tistle (then leader of Help Force) selected him to fill in the leadership void left by the retirement of a co-leader. Barnito’s induction came right in the middle of their famous Legends Cup X run. The Help Force pulled off an amazing feat, defeating several armies that were supposed to be stronger than them until they finally got trumped by the massive Rebel Penguin Federation. There certainly could not have been a better way for him to start his leadership career.

Help Force winning against the legendary Doritos in Legends Cup Quarter Finals.

Barney’s journey as a troop was relatively short, as he spent just six months in the trenches. Back then, Help Force operated mostly as an army that organized numerous stamp hunts and other fun events. Which, in turn, could have contributed to a fun time as a troop. However, according to Barney, he didn’t become quite active until the Help Force Exodus in 2019.

Some of the readers might not know about the exodus or might have forgotten about it. During that time, Epic101 owned the Help Force army server, and after certain conflicts between him and the leadership, threatened to take over the Helpers. To counter this, the leadership engineered a clever plan that banned all the troops from the server and redirected them into a new server. Due to Epic101 also being an administrator of the notorious CPPS Club Penguin Online on which Help Force was based, they made a move to Club Penguin Rewritten.

Help Force maxing 23 at a Christmas themed party after the exodus.

The enormity of this move is quite obvious. However, there were several unanticipated corollaries of this move. The biggest of them was the huge drop in size that the army faced. In course, this called upon the staff to contribute more towards the army and Barnito was one of the people who answered it. He quickly moved up the ranks, reaching Second In Command before the summer of 2020. Meanwhile, the army kept achieving success after success under the leadership of mainly Ayan and Tistle.

Almost one year after Barney had joined the Help Force, Tistle hired him as a leader. Together, the duo wrote the army’s name in the history books during the Legends Cup X. After this, the army implemented heavy recruiting policies. With each week, their size kept growing, and by August they started maxing 60+ during events. Barney lead the army to victory against numerous major armies and even earned the top spot in the Top Ten Armies list. At this high point, Tistle retired, bringing in Hannah to co-lead. After successfully co-leading for a while, October saw Hannah step down from leadership leaving Barnito as the solo leader.

Help Force maxing 60+ in an ausia battle against the Rebels.

In this time, he accomplished several feats. The army began regularly placing within the Top Three on the top tens and managed to create a fun atmosphere for their troops via their own CPPS called HF Island. It organized the Pina Colada Tournament, which was the first and the only one of its kind ever seen in the community. Barnito also initiated the Blue Squadron program, which trains the new troops of the army into event veterans. While he lost the Christmas Chaos, Barnito, with the help of Third In Command Nell, led the army to an extraordinary win against the Army of Club Penguin in the Aces of AUSIA tournament. In the last event of the year 2020, the army under his leadership maxed 120 troops online.

These past few months, the Help Force has been constantly rising. The army now has three leaders, Ayan, Barnito, Elpiojo and Nell. Their sizes keep growing as we fight back against the post-Flash era. To find out more about his story and his experiences in the community so far, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Barnito for an interview.

When did you join the Help Force, and how has your journey been here?

I started noticing and following them around during Stamp Sessions on CPOnline during mid-March but I probably joined on 18th March 2019, memory’s a bit hazy lol. my time as troop was relatively short like 6 months. it was fun. Back then on CPO, hosting stamp segments was fun. As staff, i actually got a lot active after the hf exodus. The journey as seen ups and downs, but yeah i had to keep improving at what i do.

What are the funniest memories you have of being with the army?

Elp’s adventures in the VC, the custom parties and fun events we had on our former cpps HF Island, Rock paper scissors demotion game, my stamp segments and the times i took people to dress up in random outfits and troll in the pizza parlour :tea~2:

What is the thing about Help Force that you love the most? What motivates you to keep leading day after day without tiring out?

The community. Powers me up every day to keep going

What are your hobbies outside of armies?

It’s mostly basketball and music

Is there a message you’d like to send to the community in general?

Spend your time wisely :yolo:

The way Barnito stepped up to leadership and led his home army to new places is certainly admirable. Help Force currently is at a high point, under the leadership of four of the greatest leaders it’s ever seen. It will certainly be interesting to see what laurels Barnito manages to bag for his army next.

What do YOU think? Will Barnito continue leading the Help Force to new and higher places? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Headquarters Editor

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