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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the second edition of the weekly column Do You Know Your Comrade? where we reach out to two army leaders or comrades and find out who truly knows the other better! This week’s edition will be featuring Legoman and Firestar, leaders of Special Weapons and Tactics.


Legoman joined the army community in July 2020, since then he has contributed to and led several armies. His first army was the Dark Warriors and then moved to their allies the Ice Warriors. However, Legoman wanted a name glow so he created his own army, the LEGOMAN Army. After nearly a month of leading it, Legoman was appointed leader of the Crystal Cowboys. And joined the Templars of Club Penguin, ranking up to second-in-command. Legoman then joined the Special Weapons and Tactics as a third-in-command while briefly being a leader in the Tree Cult and Skateboarders. Legoman then shortly left SWAT to lead the Island Invaders for a short period. However, Legoman then returned to his true home, SWAT, while also merging the Island Invaders into them. On February 7th 2021, Legoman was bestowed into the position of becoming the 71st SWAT leader


Firestar joined the army community in October of 2014. Firestar08 initially began with the Light Troops and remained there for a long period. He then departed for both the Marines and the Pink Ninjas, for Leader-in-Training and Second-in-Command respectively. Soon after, Firestar joined the Ice Warriors and eventually became a leader during February 2017. After retiring from the army in 2020 Firestar got inducted into the Ice Warriors Hall of Fame and briefly led the Elites, Water Ninjas and LEGOMAN Army the same year. Firestar would then go on to join SWAT and achieve the rank of leader after various contributions.


With such an extensive army history, though with differing time periods, these two comrades bring a lot of experience and talent to the table. Applying these skills to SWAT, they have done a wonderful job leading the army, even with Ganger90 no longer in the ranks. As a result, it will be exciting to find out how well Legoman and Firestar know each other. And further, which one of the two really knows the other better?

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What were your initial thoughts on seeing each other for the first time?

Legoman: My initial thoughts on Firestar was that he was a pretty chill and hilarious dude. Of all places we met in One Direction Army voice chat where we began running from server to server to escape the CCHBM girls. Fire and I instantly hit it off, and soon began flirting to make his girlfriend at the time mad which was hella fun. But I knew from the start that not only did Fire have a hot voice, but also that he was a great and hilarious person. Our first VC was a former pinned message in One Direction Army.

Firestar: I thought legoman was a whole [Discord] TOS violator, but when he joined a vc I was in, the man sounded 30

What is one hilarious thing your comrade has done?

Legoman: One hilarious thing Mr Firestar O’Eight has done would have to be when he led an entire Eagre Foray battle against the Water Vikings as Zane Ice Ninja from the hit TV series LEGO Ninjago. This resulted in such masterful and memoreable tactics as, “THATS NOT VERY NINJAGO OF YOU,” “ZANE ICE NINJA DISSAPROVES,” and “JUMP BACK KICK BACK WHIPAROUND AND SPIN.” It was quite a show of leadership and hilarious to watch, as I was the PIXAL to Fire’s Zane.

Firestar: Typing up a huge essay on why he should be granted the rank of LIT. It was hilarious since I haven’t seen someone so desperate for a promotion before

If your comrade could have one superpower, what would it be?

Legoman: If my husband, Firestar08 could have a superpower it would be the ability to engulf his body in flames, similar to the Human Torch. This would not only be in reference to the Fire in his name, but also due to the fact that he is extraordinarily hot. Uffff. Another good superpower he could have would be the power to not be couped.

Firestar: The ability to grow his biceps at any width and length

What is one title you would give to your comrade and why?

Legoman: I would give Firestar the title of my brother because despite how much we joke around and flirt with each other, we’ve both been with each other through so much. I am extremely grateful to have met Firestar all those months ago, and he’s become an inspiration to my own journey as both a CPA Leader and as a person.

Firestar: Egoman, the dude constantly flexes his muscles and states why he is the sexiest person in armies

Name 3 things you and your comrade would completely agree on.

1. Ice Princess
2. 77 fewer problems without you
3. Monkey Dance Swag Supremacy


1. “The Complete Saga” is the best lego game

2. Elsa is the best Disney princess

3. We’re extremely toxic

Describe your comrade in 3 words

Legoman: Resilient + Honest + Toxic
Firestar: Funny + Charming + Egotistical
Their two friendship is surely a very strong one, the two have experienced many fun, hilarious and memorable moments over time which has only made them understand each other better. This also reflects in their leadership as they guide SWAT with other comrades to victory. We will definitely be watching how the SWAT continues to grow and perform well on the battlefield, creating many more moments and victories to cherish, remember to check into Club Penguin Army Headquarters as we cover those moments too!

What do YOU think? Who amongst the two knows the other better? Which comrades and questions would you like to see featured in further editions?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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