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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- CPAHQ is excited to announce its next batch of columns to be maintained by newly appointed Column Manager, Flav.

Meet Flav:
Hello, I am Flav, I have been in and out of the Club Penguin Armies Community for the last 4 years. You may know me as a previous Pirate or a current Ice Warrior or as one of the revivers of the recent Water Ninjas generation. My column and overall writing experience are from my time at CPAM and CPAH where I was a reporter and brought my column idea “How They Began” to the table.  It was published weekly and was a great success.

Ever since the start of CPAHQ, there have only been a few columns such as the Top Ten, but today, that changes. We have worked with our reporters to put together seven weekly columns. This will allow us to publish at least one column per day!

Here’s our current line up of weekly columns which will be coming to you very soon.

Written by ActionSpark- published every Monday

The ‘Army in Focus’ series will look at one army each week that has impressed the community in the last 7 days. Army selection will be based on Top Ten improvement, as well as the overall events that have occurred in the previous seven days of deciding, brought to you by ActionSpark.

Written by Pranav- published every Tuesday

Reporter Pranav will be diving headfirst into our community’s history each week, looking back on key moments throughout our history. The first edition will take us back to April 2011, Operation Sour.

Written by Ferdthebird1- published every Wednesday

“Do you know your Comrade?” will be reaching out to two army co-leaders or close friends to find out who knows the other one better! The question is, who will be a part of the first edition?

Written by Bailey- published every Thursday

Reporter Bailey will be bringing a unique series to the table, looking into armies returning “From The Ashes”. There have been so many army returns within the last few years. I wonder which armies will be featured!

Written by Nathan- published every Friday

“Your Questions Answered?” will be a series where the army community can submit any question they want, which may be featured! Whether it’s “What’s your favourite clothing item” or “Who is the best leader in your opinion?”. We want your questions!! DM Nathan (TheNathanBoy#1234) to be featured.

Written by Myth- published every Saturday

Reporter Myth will be hosting the “Forgotten Gems” series, Myth will be digging deep into the CPA Archives reminding us each week of forgotten armies and leaders!

Written by the Top Ten Committee and calculated by DMT- published every Sunday

Coming Soon

What do YOU think? Which columns are you looking forward to?
Let us know in the comments below!



CP Army Headquarters Column Manager


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