Changes @ CPAHQ: Redefining our Content Staff

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- For the past two months, CPAHQ has tested the waters of being a news site.  Now, we’re ready to take the next step in our evolution.

CPAHQ’s mission has always been to provide the community with a consistent, reputable home for all news.  Club Penguin armies is a concept that thrives on keeping everyone in the loop on what they need to know.  For Club Penguin armies to survive, a longstanding news organization must be at the center of it.  Otherwise, the community becomes detached from each other.  However, it is important to create this longstanding organization by ensuring our future.  We must make sure that even if someone comes into the organization and causes harm, there is proper recourse that is able to take place.  Our recent predecessors have all struggled with creating an environment that does not have to worry about sticking around.  CPAHQ is on track to fix that.

So, we have taken some big steps towards a clearer, better staff hierarchy.  A staff system that makes CPAHQ an attractive place for the aspiring reporters and managers we have.  To do this, we have completely revamped our ABOUT page, where we clearly state each role at CPAHQ and what they do to help us succeed.  You will also notice there are some new roles, mainly: Staff Manager, Column Manager, and Editor in Chief.  Previously, CPAHQ had all the responsibilities of these roles wrapped up into one job, the Content Manager.  This has proven to be too much for anyone to handle, regardless of how much free-time they have.  Former Content Manager, Fusion, has been placed in the role of Editor in Chief.  We have also hired former column writer at Club Penguin Army Hub, Flav, to manage the columns at CPAHQ. 

In addition to these changes, CPAHQ has established new guidelines for editing posts.  Led by the aforementioned Fusion and the experienced Supa Em, the Editors at CPAHQ give our staff constructive criticism to help foster a place where writers can come to sharpen their talents.

We’ve also fleshed out each content department that exists here at CPAHQ.  The Reporting Department, Philosophy Department, and History Department now have their own leaders.  Each department has been given an identity, allowing them an easier pathway to showcasing their talent.  Veterans Jack283 and Coolster114 have taken charge of the Philosophy and History Departments, respectively.  CPAHQ reporter Jayden, after putting in tremendous work, has been promoted to the Head of Reporting.  The staff channels in our Discord server reflect these changes, creating a much easier environment for writers to navigate.

Lastly, we would like to welcome Vanish into our administration, finally ending our search for a Vice Director.  Vanish, formerly known as Grayrockett, brings years of army experience to the table.  Vanish was previously a Content Manager with us, but stepped away for a short time due to personal reasons.  In his time as a Content Manager, Vanish gave myself and the rest of the CPAHQ administration valuable input on many decisions, most notably the idea of the Bracket Challenge contest.  Vanish also has graciously been CPAHQ’s benefactor, providing our organization with the funds we need to host the site and provide community prizes.  Vanish as the VD will help CPAHQ expand into a newer, brighter tomorrow.

While that brings us to the end of the changes we have to announce, we are certainly not content with where we stand today.  Our next task will be to improve our judging system.  Make sure to join our Discord server to get instant notifications whenever we post, as well as announcements that don’t make it to the site!

CPAHQ is always looking for staff to come aboard and help make our dream possible.  Whether you want to write, manage, or create, we encourage you to head over to the APPLY page for more information!  If you have any questions you want to ask before applying, do not hesitate to reach out to any administrator.


CPA Headquarters Director in Chief

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