March Madness Championship Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The final week of March Madness is here, and 2 armies are all set to battle it out in the Championship.

After an eventful Final Four, March Madness, clearly living up to its name, is all set to take on the Championship. The final event, has everyone on the edges of their seats as 2 armies are all set to battle it out for the trophy. This weeks predictions, will be a bit different as I asked CPAHQ’s Board of (unaffiliated) Advisors their detailed room predictions!

Saturday, April 3rd


Army of Club Penguin vs Ice Warriors

The championship round presents Army of Club Penguin, the army that defied odds and took down the Rebel Penguin Federation going up against Ice Warriors, who had a close battle against the Help Force. Will ACP defy the odds once again, and prove themselves victorious with their shamrock luck? Or will the Ice Warriors continue to dominate? Here’s what our predictions say:

DMT, Director-in-Chief: 2-1 Ice Warriors
Kingfunks4, Board of Advisors: 2-1 Ice Warriors
Snork, Board of Advisors: 2-1 Ice Warriors
Superhero123, Board of Advisors: 2-1-1 Ice Warriors
Barnito, Board of Advisors: 2-1 Army of Club Penguin
Crazzy, Board of Advisors: 2-1 Ice Warriors
Jack283, Head of Philosophy: 2-1-1 Ice Warriors
Coolster114, Head Historian: 2-1 Ice Warriors

Note: A 3-point score signifies an Overtime Room has been predicted. Ex: 2-1-1

With the odds in favor of the Ice Warriors, will the Finals turn out to be a non-surprising expectation, or will ACP fight back and prove themselves to be the victors of this rollercoaster of a tournament? Let us know your thoughts and comments below!


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