Bracketology with Pran: Final Four

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- We last saw the four biggest armies battle it out in very fierce battles. Both battles were extremely close, leading to some polarizing brackets.

Both the Ice Warriors vs Help Force and the Rebel Penguin Federation vs Army of Club Penguin battles were contested. The HF and ACP challenges to the results led the CPAHQ Director in Chief, DMT, to review both battles, and in the end IW vs HF ended with an IW win and RPF vs ACP ended with an ACP win. However, the battles were so close that only one person was able to predict the round perfectly.  However, there were five brackets that perfectly predicted the ACP vs RPF battle. There were a few others that predicted a perfect IW vs HF battle. Even though there were only 2 battles, meaning a better chance at predicting the perfect bracket, the Final Four was too close to predict for most.

Army of Club Penguin vs Rebel Penguin Federation

ACP vs RPF was one of the most controversial March Madness battles this year. Even though IW vs HF was also flagged for review, this battle was even more contested. The results of the battle led to many calls of bias from judges to the Director of CPAHQ. With many unwanted results as well, the battle led to an unlikely victor, ACP. Most people in the community thought that RPF would win with a 2-1, 2-1-1, 2-1-0, or a 3-0 victory. However, ACP proved many people incorrect. ACP took the win with a 2-1 room score. Five people (Kyle, Ben, Max, Kailey, and Sanya) all predicted an ACP win with four of them being in ACP. I was able to ask Kyle why they predicted an ACP win.

CPAHQ: What led you to predict an ACP win over an army that was dominant throughout last year?

Kyle: honestly I just took a wild guess about it and considering I’m enlisted in acp I had a bias in some way towards acp so I just took a chance and hoped for the best.

Ice Warriors vs Help Force

This battle was split evenly, with almost half going with HF as the winner, and half going with IW as the winner. There weren’t many interesting trends here, as the battle went almost as expected by most people — an Ice Warriors victory. However, what cost most people points with this battle is the room score: 2-1-1 (W/D/L), due to the overtime room. An overtime room means that the entire winner/room score must be correct in order to be counted. I was able to ask Kyle, one of the few who predicted an IW 2-1-1 victory, why he thought so:

CPAHQ: How were you able to predict an Ice Warriors victory with a perfect room score?

Kyle: With that [battle], HF and IW I knew would have similar sizes so I just took a risk and guessed it would end up like that.

This marks the end of the edition for the Final Four.  Ferdthebird lost his lead after a dud of a prediction for this round, only landing two points.  He was at the top of the standings for the entirety of the tournament up until this point.  Those who were able to correctly predict an overtime battle shot up through the standings, most notably Kyle.  Kyle predicted both battles correctly, earning a total of 14 points.  14 points is the highest point total earned in a single round!

This last week is going to be extremely tense, with both the Ice Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin looking to overthrow the other as the reigning champion of March Madness. With the Ice Warriors winning March Madness in CPO last year, they look to continue their streak and defeat ACP this weekend in the Championship. Make sure to spectate on the CP Army Headquarters discord, where we will stream the battle. Good luck in one final week of the bracket challenge!

What do YOU think about the predictions made for the Final Four? Do you think that the battle next week will be as straightforward as you predicted? Let us know in the comments!


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