March Madness 2021: Elite Eight Review

Klondike – CP Army Headquarters Capital: After a competitive and exciting Elite Eight, we are set with four remaining armies. What happened this past weekend to get us to this point?

Army of Club Penguin vs. Water Vikings

Arguably the closest battle of the week, we saw the Clover Defenders facing the Wave Riders in quite an intense battle. Although ACP had a decent size advantage, the Vikings were able to make up the deficit. With ACP only winning the first room of the three, the Vikings were able to close the gap due to their tightly knit formations. However, due to ACP’s continuous speed, they were able to emerge from this battle with a victory.


Ice Warriors vs. Special Weapons and Tactics

 Throughout this battle, two things were very consistent. The first being the overwhelming advantage the Warriors exhibited. The second being the speed at which IW entered rooms in comparison to SWAT. At one point, it was ruled by the judges that IW had a 60+ size advantage throughout this battle. However, SWAT was able to host some clean formations and tactics to compete.


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Red Ravagers

Yet another battle in which judges reported a size advantage of 60+, this time, it was the Rebels at RPF taking advantage of their size in an overwhelming victory over the Red Ravagers. The speed and cleanliness of RPF’s tactics are what ultimately brought them to victory in this battle. However, the Ravagers showed times of being able to compete and not being afraid of armies with a much larger size than them.


Help Force vs. Silver Empire

Finally, to cap off a fantastic and competitive week of penguin warfare, we have the Help Force going up against the Silver Empire. Help Force came in with quite the size advantage, but the Silvers were able to compete at times with their fantastic speeds and clean formations. The size was just too much to overcome, and the Help Force came out victorious from this battle.


With that, the Final Four has been set, with times being announced earlier in the week. We have the Rebel Penguin Federation taking on the Army of Club Penguin, and the Ice Warriors taking on the Help Force. With all four of these armies consistently being within the Top Five of the Top Ten, it will be interesting to see how this week plays out.

What do YOU think? Who will come out victorious this weekend and advance to the finals? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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