Nelly825 Joins Help Force Leadership

ZIPLINE, Help Force Capital – Help Force saw Nelly825, the 20th Leader of the army promoted to its 1ic Commander position last week to join Barnito in a Dual Leadership. But what led to her promotion?

Nelly, was promoted back in January 2021, to a Second-in-Command position after her contribution to the army’s Aces of AUSIA tournament win hosted by the Army of Club Penguin as well as the Christmas Chaos X by CPAH. Her efforts were clearly not gone unnoticed in Help Force as her promotion to Second-in-Command led her to continue helping the leader to grow the army.

The Help Force Making an X at an Event

Joining the staff as a Fifth in Command back in April 2020, Nell’s dedication to the EU Division has been impeccable. She constantly was ready to help her timezone as well as multiple others for events as well as hosting segments in the army. When Nelly was promoted to 4ic in July, she had continued to do what she did best which was to help everyone around her. With the retirement of Tistle in August 2020, Nelly was promoted to Third in Command and helped lead the EU timezone along with Second In Command Hannah. In the short span following the paths of the leaders, Nelly helped in every possible way with the staff and discussions. In October, Hannah’s retirement set Nelly to be the sole Timezone Head of the EU division for Help Force. Nell with the help of the EU staff grew the army’s EU sizes to astonishing limits by also getting a 121 Max at a Flash send-off event during the end of the year.

With Nelly being promoted to First-in-Command, it seems like there is a lot to uncover, as she leads on the Next Generation of HF alongside Barnito. CPAHQ reached out to ask a few questions about her promotion as well as her plans for the army in the coming weeks.

Hey Nelly, to start things off, How does it feel to be at the front seat of the leadership now?

I got promoted to 1st in Command after being a Leader in Training for only a couple of months and it’s exciting and a really great honor. I’ve been helping Barnito with the organization of the army for months and I learned a lot, so now I’d like to say that I’m confident and happy to lead such an amazing and welcoming cp army.

Do you have any short-term plans for the army?

With the March Madness 2021 tournament that started last week, and with going against Silver Empire this weekend, we’re working on recruiting and training the troops because I believe Help Force can ace these battles. This is the plan for now. Advancing as much as possible in the spring tournament and strengthening the army’s core.

Where do you see Help Force heading with this new leadership?

This new year brought a new leadership to Help Force and new heights to conquer. We’re more than ready to push our boundaries, expand more, surpass all expectations and win more trophies, of course.

What is it like to be a Staff member and now a leader at Help Force?

The whole journey as a Staff member was truly amazing. I have the chance every day to get to know people better and meet new members. Not only I keep discovering things about the cp army community, but I also get to know life lessons. It’s been a great year with lots of challenges and one of the main ones was to find a balance between virtual and real life. One of the best years of my life I could say. I’ve seen many members and people from Staff who joined and then left, I’ve learned a lot from everybody and now I’m ready to step in as a leader.

Anything to say to our readers?

To everyone who’s reading this, no matter the army affiliations you have, enjoy your time in this community, it’s an amazing one. Don’t lose your hope, keep working hard, because you never know what’s waiting for you in the future. I wish you all good luck in this March’s tournament

So it seems like Nell is all set to take on any battles this month with open arms as she believes HF will ace them. With March Madness, HF is expected to have their first battle of the tournament, and only time can tell if this new leadership can bring them to the top.

What do you think of this promotion? Do you think HF will rise to the top? Let us know your thoughts and comments down below!


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