March Madness 2021: Outstanding Octet Review

Klondike, CPA Headquarters – The first round of March Madness came to a conclusion last weekend.  Which armies are moving on, and which armies are going home early?


Peoples Imperial Confederation vs Special Weapons and Tactics

The first battle of March Madness occurred on the Club Penguin Rewritten server Crystal; starting in the Docks, then the Stadium, and finished inside the Mine. The battle included many beautiful tactics and forms including a horizontal line and EP from the Confederation, maxing a beautiful 13, and a wonderful EP/EK rake in an upside-down V from the SWAT, maxing 24. Overall, the judges decided that the agents took this battle in a swift 3-0 decision due to their size advantage and speed.

PIC battling SWAT at the Docks

Templars vs Red Ravagers

The next day, the Templars fought it out with the Red Ravagers. The battle took place on the Club Penguin Rewritten server Abominable, beginning in the Stadium, then moving to the Cove, and finally, inside the Mine. This battle had a beautiful X formation and a RED STINKS big word bubble from the Crusaders with a max of 24, while the Ravagers all said LOL in an L formation while maxing 19. This battle was a close one, but the judges believed RR won this one, with a tie in the first and last room, and a win in the second room.  The judges stated that while the Templars had the size advantage, they were beaten in pace, formation, and tactic creativity.

TCP fighting against RR

Silver Empire vs Fire Warriors

For the final battle, the Fire Warriors battled the Silver Empire on the Club Penguin Rewritten server Crystal. They began in the Stadium, and fought their way to the Nightclub and the Docks, thinking the battle was over. Then, the iceberg was called as an overtime room. This amazing battle consisted of many wonderful tactics from both sides, including an EH in a U for the Warriors, who also maxed 20, and an EF while the Silvers were in a circle, while they maxed 23. The judges came to the conclusion, that after a room was won by each army, and a tie in the middle, SE took the overtime room in a thrilling fashion.

FW and SE duking it out.

The Outstanding Octet treated us to three exciting battles that set anticipation for the next round at a high level.  All the victorious armies have advanced to the Elite Eight, with much more training ahead. How will the victorious armies fare in the final rounds? Which armies will come out victorious? Comment below!


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