Help Force Celebrates Three Years of Activity

ZIPLINE- Help Force Empire- Since 2018, we have gotten to witness the sheer power and size of the Help Force Army, but this weekend, they celebrated their three years of activity within this community. But what got them to this point?

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The Help Force was founded on March 13, 2018, by Ayan, and they have been known as being one of the most dominant armies in the community with the large maxes they achieve with their AUSIA Divison. Most notably, the Force came out victorious in the Army of CP’s Aces of AUSIA Tournament, a tournament in which armies were able to showcase their AUSIA Divisions to see who truly had the best AUSIA Divison. They also came out victorious in the Summer Bash of 2019.

Over the weekend, the Force was happily able to celebrate their third anniversary by hosting an event. At this event, there were several veterans that were in attendance to show their support for the army. At this event, the Force was fronted with a max of 53 troops to show their support for the future of the former Stamp Collecting Group.


Help Force at their Anniversary Event

CPAHQ Administration was granted a special interview with Help Forces Leader, Barnito, to discuss the key to their success over the past three years.

What has been your favorite memory whilst leading the Help Force?

Winning the Aces of Ausia is certainly a priceless memory for me. If anything is close to it, it would be the Flash Showdown event.

What has been the key to all the success that we have seen from the Help Force?

We’ve always been striving to make Help Force not just an army, but a family who’re determined, bold and ready for anything.

What kinds of things can we expect from the Help Force in the future?

To surpass everything that our previous generations did.

What drove you to join the Help Force in the first place?

Needed stamps and a good mascot tracker on CPO xD
Since the Help Force joined the community, they have striven to prove that they have an AUSIA Division that is a force to be reckoned with. With their two tournament victories and the March Madness just being underway, perhaps they can use this momentum of their anniversary in their favor. Only time will tell how much the force will prosper from the success they have seen since their founding.
What do YOU think? How will the Help Force continue to strive following their three-year anniversary? What can we expect to come from the Force? Be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below!

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