Analyzing the Golden Seas War

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters- March 3rd brought about the first war of 2021 that was recognized by both sides. Since then, there were two battles between the Water Vikings and Templars on Club Penguin Rewritten. Both battles were judged using CPA Headquarters’ judging system, and both were extremely fierce as the two clashed for an ultimate win in the war.

The Water Vikings and the Templars are both major powerhouses, getting 5th and 6th on the Top Ten this week, respectively. Their sizes are very similar, and they also have had a history of battling each other. With both armies eager for wins in the Golden Seas War, the two armies got as many troops on the game as possible, to defeat their enemy. However, in both battles, the Vikings were able to pull off a victory. The first battle had a max of 51 from the Vikings and 31 from the Templars. The second battle resulted in 45 Vikings and 35 yellow crusaders.

Battle 1:


Both the Vikings and the Templars entered Stadium at similar times, with powerful bombs against each other. After getting into decently clean formations, both armies emitted a barrage of emote and word tactics at each other, each trying to cover the other and gain the win of this room. The Vikings and Templars also bombed a couple of times this room, getting into clean formations again as they finished their bombs. However, WV had cleaner formations throughout this room, as well as a size advantage of 10+ troops, resulting in a Water Viking victory in the Stadium.


Again, both armies entered the Docks with a very close time interval, trying to outmatch the other. This room, was again, very intense, with both sides making their formations as clean as possible to improve from the last room. After a couple of bombs, WV got into a triangle formation with Templars making their own clean formation. The Vikings also picked up speed with their tactics, trying their best to not only have a size advantage, but to also destroy the crusaders in all aspects of the battle. The Templars tried to keep up, but the Vikings with their 10+ size advantage once again, resulted in another Viking room victory.


The last room, mine, was even more intense than the previous two. With both armies giving it their all in their cleanest formations yet, the two armies tried to cover each other as much as possible, in order to have the upper hand in this battle at the end. Both used as many big word bubbles and emotes to win this room. However, yet again, the Water Vikings had their size advantage, resulting in another WV victory.

In the end, the two armies had a fierce battle, but with only one winner allowed, the Water Vikings won their first battle of the Golden Seas war against the Templars.

Battle 2:

[Night Club]

In this interesting room, the two armies met for another battle. This time, the Templars were determined to outmatch the Vikings, and this showed greatly in the first room. Both armies met with fast tactics yet again, trying to cover each other. With this room, the Vikings and Templars each tried to pull off their own win to strengthen their win condition. However, in the end, neither army managed to gain the upper hand, resulting in the first room being a tie.


With a reinforced determination from the Vikings, the Templars suffered a loss in this room. Although they tried their hardest to overcome WV and their size advantage, it was in vain, as the Water Vikings overpowered the crusaders. The Vikings also built up their speed slowly and their consistency with each tactic to equal the skill of the Templars’ tactics, making their size advantage the cause for the Water Viking victory of this room.


Holding a size advantage and a room in the bag, the Water Vikings plowed on ahead while the Templars fought back as hard as possible. WV got faster yet again, overpowering the Templars as well. This ended in a very fierce last room, with another storm of tactics from each side, to cover the other army and to get the final victory. The Templars tried their hardest, however the slight size advantage of the Vikings was too much, resulting in another victory for the Vikings in this room.

With a tie and 2 room victories, the Water Vikings pulled ahead yet again. The Vikings scheduled their third battle for Sunday, March 7th at 3:30 PM EST, with more to come later.

The status of this war is currently up in question after the Templars claimed that their opponents used allies in these battles.  While the Water Vikings acknowledged the claim that allies were used, both sides were unable to agree on if usage of allies breaks the set war terms.  It is uncertain if the community will see another battle between the two armies, or if the Golden Seas War will end in a contested result.  If this is the last we see of the Templars facing off against the Water Vikings, these two battles will serve as a talking point for the ages.  What do you think about the Golden Seas War?  Will the Templars and Water Vikings battle again?  Will the two sides come to an agreed-upon conclusion of the war?  Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  1. dragonX March 8, 2021 (10:23 pm)

    Fear the wave! I’m dragonX of the Water Vikings, my discord is dragonX#8291. And this is embarrassing on the Templars part, I mean, only 2-3 of their people showed up! Easy win for us.

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