Buddy and Adden Return to Water Vikings Helm

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – This past week, the Water Vikings declared war on the Templars. However, that isn’t all that happened inside the Vikings. Two old leaders have come back to assist the wartime effort.

Both Adden and Buddy have an extensive army history and have been of great service to the Water Vikings previously. With both leading during the Water Vikings’ Eagre Foray against SWAT, they certainly have much experience leading and are both loyal troops of the Vikings. They decided to make their return into armies together, after leaving the community for a bit before. Buddy and Adden are both Viking Legends, so their presence is certainly welcomed within the army. They come at a time necessary for WV, in their war against the Templars (Click HERE for more information!), making them an important part of the current leadership. Fortunately, Buddy and Adden were both available for an interview with CPA Headquarters.

CP Army HQ: What made you decide to return to leading the Water Vikings?

AddenThings were going back to normal so I figured it was a good time to return to the army.

Buddy: I saw that Adden had recently rejoined and I thought now would be the perfect time to have another leadership stint during this war with the templars.

CP Army HQ: Regarding the Water Vikings-Templars War, what is your opinion in the possible success or failure?

Adden: WV victory for sure, we have a really good staff team here and we’re ready to take WV to another level.

BuddyI’m very excited to see WV’s success and the Templars’ failure!

CP Army HQ: Do you have any short-term goals for WV?

AddenWin battles and continue to grow the community we have going here.

Buddy: At the moment we’re just focused on winning this war and getting our recruitment working more efficiently.

CP Army HQ: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

AddenBuddy is kinda cool. And Fear the Wave.

Buddy: Fear The Wave!

Buddy and Adden sure have some major goals for the Vikings, and are confident in their victory over the yellow crusaders in the Golden Seas war raging as of now. They also have other plans for the army to ramp up recruiting, and to generally improve the army’s status in rankings and sizes. Overall, their current leadership seems solid for a very good generation of Water Vikings. The two returning leaders seem to brighten the future of the Vikings.  What do you think?  Will Adden and Buddy’s return influence the Golden Seas war?  Will the army see a growth in size?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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