This Day in CPA History: February 19th

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters –  Every moment has its place in history. Not one day passes except that something important happens in the world. So, what major historical events in the community took place on today’s date? What battles occurred and who were the belligerents? Were there any other noteworthy developments? Read on to find out!

Underground Mafias Army Approaches 100,000 Views (2007)

On this day fourteen years ago, superpower Underground Mafias Army were closing in on 100,000 views. They hit the milestone a day later, becoming the first army in history to do so. Pink Mafias’ site went on to surpass 1 million hits by the end of the year, smashing another record, and today the website’s grand total stands at 1.3 million. You can read more about the history of the blog by having a look at CPA Headquarters’ exclusive interview with CompWiz5000 from last week.

Nachos Form Anti-Hacking Union (2009)

The legendary Nachos were at the height of their might in 2009. As one of the leading powers of the army world, they decided to take on the responsibility of cracking down on ‘hacking’ and other forms of immoral activities. In order to achieve their goal, they formed the ‘Anti-Hacking Union’, a movement aimed at exposing malicious actors. Leader Akabob22 laid out his intentions in a post addressed to troops and community members alike:

What this Union will be doing is trying to uncover hackers. This includes (but is not limited to): CP hacking (report to CP), WordPress hacking (report to WordPress), and chat hacking (report to XAT).

CP hacking includes:
-Clothing Hacking
-Usage of CP trainers
-Coin hacking
-Making bots

WordPress Hacking Includes:
-Deleting/Erasing sites
-When one of you website staff rebels and makes a billion posts with blank spaces or thing like that.
-Site Spammers

XAT Hacking includes:
-Hacking a owner/moderator position
-Hacking other’s accounts to impersonate
-Abuse of moderator/owner powers

If you know of any hackers, report them immediately to me over Nacho chat, and start actively reporting that person. Remember, we aren’t doing this to make people mad or anything, but to make these areas a safer place for people who want to use CP armies for their intended purpose, which is to defend their army and not to attack others through hacking.

The Anti-Hacking Union came at a time when abuse of power, impersonations, and defacement of websites were on the rise. While the movement did not completely eradicate these problems, its presence did reduce the frequency at which they would occur. Months later, the successes of the Anti-Hacking Union encouraged Person1233 to create the famous Anti-Bot Bill, which received the backing of all major armies thanks to the endorsement of the Club Penguin Army Council.

World War V – ACP Strikes Back! (2011)

Today marks ten years since the historic Battle of Fog, the most significant turning point of World War V. After losing their capital Breeze and a number of key servers, ACP were on the back foot. Morale was at an all-time low and they realised they had underestimated the strength of their enemies: Night Warriors, Nachos and Dark Warriors. In order to turn the tide of the war and avoid capitulation, ACP’s leadership galvanised their troops for a last-ditch conquest of Night Warriors’ capital. They spent a week building up for the invasion, recruiting new soldiers and even summoning legends like Boomer20 and Shaboomboom to return for one last fight.

ACP’s preparations proved to be successful. In a shocking turnaround, they amassed 100+ troops in contrast to Night Warriors’ 35-40, outnumbering their enemies by a 2-1 ratio that no one could have foreseen. They crushed their enemies by claiming the Dock, Plaza, Snow Forts, Beach, Ice Rink, Ice Berg, and Box Dimension. Night Warriors ultimately surrendered the battle, and salt was added to their wounds days later when Dark Warriors defected and joined ACP’s side. These dramatic developments crushed the spirit of Night Warriors and Nachos, and the ACP-DW alliance went on to win the war resoundingly.

Battle of Snow Plow – Democracy vs. Communism (2011)

While ACP and Night Warriors were battling it out on Fog, two respected S/M armies were engaging in their own conflict. Tensions between Golden Troops and Ice Vikings had been brewing for days over opposing political ideologies. In the end, Ice Vikings decided to declare war on the democratic Golden Troops in the name of ‘communism’. They kickstarted their military campaign with an attempted invasion of Snow Plow.

GT’s leaders at the time included Sercan4444, Casiusbrutus, and Ganger90. On the other hand, IV was led by 57to.

As it transpired, Golden Troops put on a heavy resistance. They outnumbered the invaders by a couple of troops and executed excellent tactics. After thirty minutes of fighting across several rooms, the two armies logged off. Both declared victory and the tussle continued to escalate in the days and weeks that followed.

Light Troops and Allies Fail to Conquer Mittens (2012)

A year on from the events of World War V, another large scale confrontation broke out. This time, it was Light Troops, Nachos, Dark Warriors, Team Gold and Pirates vs. ACP, Ice Warriors and Doritos. Historic server Mittens was the scene of a massive clash involving all of the aforementioned armies.

ACP, IW and DCP celebrate their victory by parading in the Town.

Light Troops and their allies were outnumbered early on. They surrendered quickly, and the ACP alliance won the war a day later – one of many victories for them in 2012. For Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Pirates and a few other armies, the defeat contributed to a long list of grievances that eventually culminated with the outbreak of World War VI in November that year.

Bluesockwa Brothers Launch CPAWM (2014)

Seven years ago, the Bluesockwa Brothers attempted to monopolise the provision of army news. In order to achieve their goal, they inaugurated Club Penguin Army World Media as the parent company of CPA Central, the largest outlet at the time. The move came after after several months and years of growing success and expansion:

CPAC has gone from being simply a provider of news, evolving into the mass media service that it is today. Today we run Top Ten rankings weekly, bi-monthly tournaments and yearly awards among many other things. As a result of these undertakings, many changes are coming to this site, and I, along with Max, am excited to outline them here.

Club Penguin Army World Media (CPAWM) will serve as the parent company of CPA Central and its affiliates, with CPA Central’s current Board of Directors serving on this parent company. CPAWM is not a news site — and the only site it is will be private — it is simply a parent company to house the Board of Directors in an ever-expanding media market.

A few weeks ago, CPA Central introduced reporter payment. The CPAWM Board will handle the distribution of this payment, along with the rest of CPA Central’s funds, throughout the year. We have also been working on a restructure of our administration, and have been continuing to build up our Board of Directors in preparation for the coming months.

-Bluesockwa1 (CPAC CEO)

That same day, they also ended the long-standing partnership between CPAC and SMAC (Small and Medium Army Central). As an alternative, they brokered a deal with CPA Focus to cover S/M news. Within weeks, CPAF was transformed into SMAP (Small and Medium Army Press), with CPAWM funding the domain, CSS and graphics of the new site. Over time, SMAP developed an intense rivalry with SMAC, one that lasted until the closure of both sites in 2016.

Battle of Blizzard – Doritos vs. Water Vikings (2015)

On this day in 2015, two sworn enemies fought for control over Blizzard. The Doritos of Club Penguin and the Water Vikings were in the midst of a heated flame war, one that was marred by allegations of cheating and exaggeration of sizes. As Blizzard was full for non-members, the two armies duelled on Klondike instead.

The battle turned out to be a tight fight. Both sides averaged 25+ and neither were willing to surrender. Doritos and Water Vikings each claimed victory, and logged off thinking Blizzard was theirs. The war continued for just under week before the two armies signed a one month ceasefire, marking the end of hostilities.


It seems that February 19th is a special day in the Club Penguin Warfare calendar. It marks the anniversary of historic moments like the Battle of Fog, the formation of Nachos’ Anti-Hacking Union, and the establishment of CPAWM. What do YOU think about these events? Were you aware of them before? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below.



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