Ice Warriors Hold Grand Reopening Event

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – The Ice Warriors, one of the most acclaimed and influential armies in the history of CPA, have recently made their grand return to the community after ceasing all operations on Club Penguin. What do the Ice Warriors have in store for the community upon their return?

The Ice Warriors are one of the most renowned and influential armies in the history of CPA, they were created in June of 2007 by the Club Penguin Army Legend Iceyfeet1234. The Ice Warriors have some extraordinary accomplishments that have been gathered over their 14-year existence. They have maxed incredible sizes, have had a multitude of robust leaders, and have fought in many wars over the years. The most recent generation, widely known as the CPPS Gen, will most definitely be looked back on in years to come with pride and will be regarded as one of IW’s strongest eras ever. The Ice Warriors have consistently been one of the largest armies in the community, at times topping the Top Ten and continuously being a force to be reckoned with.

On January 14th of this year, the Ice Warriors announced that they would be leaving the Club Penguin community entirely and turning their focus to alternative gaming options. For approximately three weeks, the Ice Warriors hosted a series of game-nights, consisting of Roblox, Minecraft, Among us, and much more community-based games. The reasoning behind this departure was to expand their horizons and move on to bigger and better things. However, this decision would not be permanent. As on February 1st, they announced that they would be making their return to the community and scheduled an event that was to take place a week from the announcement.

Ice Warriors Return

The Ice Warriors announcing their official return. Click to enlarge!

On February 7th, the Ice Warriors logged on to Ascent for their official return event. They maxed a bewildering 96 penguins and had astounding tactics and formations throughout.

The Ice Warriors maxing 96 at their official return event. Click to enlarge!

The Ice Warriors have evidently come back with a bang, but how did they max such immense numbers following three weeks of inactivity in the CP Army Community? CP Army Headquarters was able to snatch an interview with the creator of the Ice Warriors and CP Army Legend, Iceyfeet1234.


Firstly, what made you and the rest of the Leaders decide to bring back the Ice Warriors?

I mean, IW never really went anywhere, we just took a break from Club Penguin until there was a stable CPPS running. CP Rewritten was delayed a bit and when it returned, it seemed to have a lot of bugs/crashes. However, over time it got a bit better, and we felt as though it was ready for us to make our move to start our CP events again.

What did the Ice Warriors do to max such high numbers upon their return? Any new strategies?

A big push on recruiting and the hype to return to Club Penguin, we haven’t had a CP event in well over a month, so everyone was itching to finally have one, and our sizes at this event shows that a lot of people were waiting.

What do you and the rest of the Leaders want to achieve going forward?

We want to maintain a strong and healthy community within the Ice Warriors, and we plan to continue to stand by our allies as the new age of armies begins.

Lastly, how do you believe the Ice Warriors will fare against other major armies going into the future?

Our goal is to try to at least reach the potential we had during the flash era, staying stable in the 2nd or 1st spot in the top 10. After seeing our sizes at our reopening event, I think we will be able to continue in that area of the top 10 going forward.

Iceyfeet seems very enthusiastic when discussing the return of the Ice Warriors and their plans going forward. They have indisputably maxed phenomenal numbers in their past events and going off of their most recent event, it appears that they plan on continuing this tradition as they advance further into this HTML5 era. Iceyfeet also makes it very apparent that the Ice Warriors have had a significant push in recruiting, which will definitely contribute to their sizes going into the future.

What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors come back with the same dominance as they had before their closure? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


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