Memorable Moments With Mare

Mare undoubtedly stood out as one of the most iconic figures in modern days. In this week’s edition of Memorable Moments, we will delve into the key moments of Mare’s time in the community and, that way, get to know her more personally.

Mare Memorable Moments

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It was April 2020 when Mare first stumbled upon the army community. She first enlisted in the Special Weapons and Tactics, quickly rising the ranks. However, after SWAT merged into Doritos, she co-founded the famous One Direction Army with some of her colleagues, such as Aubz and Izzy. Nonetheless, SWAT had returned a month later, and Mare would once again engage in events in the army. In August, she rose up as Commander of the Agents, marking the beginning of her career as a leader.

Because the job of a leader requires much effort and attention, Mare decided to depart from ODA to focus on her duties in SWAT. Her leadership would feature many unforgettable moments, such as the Eagre Foray war against the Water Vikings. Even though the Agents suffered a loss, Mare starred into action, leading battles and hyping her troops to face off against their opponents.

Mare MM War

Battle of Fiesta, Eagre Foray War

Because of her noticeable work in SWAT and Dua Inn Lipa Fighters, a prominent Small/Medium army Mare had also created, she was inducted as S/M Army Legend in December 2021. She would go on to stay another few months in leadership, only bidding farewell to her career as a leader in early 2022. Nevertheless, Mare still had a couple of community roles to commit to; a pattern that she still follows to this very day.

One of the activities that Mare is most recognized for is judging. Surprisingly for many, she has spent almost four years judging battles. Moreover, she also started working in moderating Club Penguin Armies Discord server a few years ago. Thus, in April 2023, Head Judge Spotty announced the election of Mare to said role. In addition, four months later former Administrator Wynn announced her promotion to Head Moderator. Recently, Mare joined the Media Department of CPA, aiming to explore new horizons. And the results could not have been any different. Because of her hard work and dedication, she was quickly promoted to Managing Editor.

Head Judge Mare in action!

In order to learn more about Mare and her memorable moments, we reached out to her for an exclusive interview.

What are your most memorable moments in the army community?

My most memorable moment was retiring from leading. I feel like once I was completely over leading that’s when I was able to explore other things within the community. I met so many people from different armies of which sometimes when you’re part of armies you don’t get the opportunity to meet others if they aren’t your ally!

What other areas of the community did you enjoy exploring the most, ever since your retirement?

Working within CPA and CPAJ has been something I’ve really enjoyed! I find much more fun in organizing things and doing background work rather than worrying about who’s going to declare on my army or achieving a good max for an event.

Right now, you possess many roles within the community. How do you manage to juggle them all? And if you could choose a favorite occupation, what would it be?

I close my eyes and let Jesus take the wheel… JK! I’m usually free during noon and late nights, so I do my tasks during those times. That’s a really hard question because I loveee all the roles I’m part of. However, if I had to choose a favorite role I would probably pick the YouTube department! There’s just so much room for creativity!

Do you have any figures that inspired you to become who you are today in the community? If so, how did they inspire you?

I would definitely say Orange has helped shape me into who I am today. I look up to him and admire his balanced mentality. He’s a super chill dude and has supported me a lot throughout my time in the community.

About your career as a leader, what war or tournament memories do you cherish the most?

While leading SWAT, my favorite war was Special Weapons and Toppings against PZF. It was really exciting because our armies maxed out around the same, so we were both on equal grounds.

My favorite tournaments were always the ones during October, like Fright or Fight! I loved the spooky theme on the CPPS and getting to do tactics related to Halloween.

Fright or Fight, One of Mare’s Memorable Moments

Lastly, what can we expect from Mare? Do you think more memorable moments are to come or is your time in the community coming to an end?

I usually go with the flow, but yes there will be more memorable moments to come!

Mare is an example of how dedication and hard work can get you to high places in the community. And from her responses, we can safely assume more memorable moments are yet to come for her! We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish Mare a lovely time left in the community; we certainly are eager to witness her progress and potential even more! Do you think we will ever see Mare back in leading an army? Will ODA come back? What other rank will Mare attain in the community?

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