Vale Caesar: Nicky and Moon Depart from Templars Leadership

A knight’s honor will always be standing, however, one cannot stand on the battlefield for all their lives. With other priorities moving forward, two Grand Priors have decided to take a step back from Templars.

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Nicky3070 joined the army community when he was recruited by army legend, Xing, into the Templars in 2021. Quickly rising through the ranks, his leader induction was only a matter of time. In 2022, Nicky went from a Leader-in-Training to a Grand Prior, becoming part of the Templars golden generation of ’22.

Moon found her way into armies around the same time as Nicky. Shortly after joining, she established herself as a lethal staff member. Throughout her time in the army, she honed her skills and worked her way up the ranks, achieving leader in 2023. Alongside Nicky and Dawnables, the Templars went on to accomplish many feats.

Templars event in 2023, led by Nicky and Moon

Their efforts, alongside the rest of the army, gave many fruits to Templars. Notable feats include their Legends Cup XII victory over the Water Vikings. Moreso, they also helped to establish Templar’s status as a ‘war army,’ participating in hard-fought battles against several armies such as Special Weapons and Tactics, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Elite Guardians. Nicky also played a key role in the Sapphire Concordat during World War IX.

Often it can be tough for Templars’ leaders to shock the community. After Xing’s remarkable run in 2022, it’s easy for modern-day Templar accomplishments to be overshadowed. Both Moon and Nicky kept the army going through multiple wars and tournaments. More importantly, the pair managed to pull Templars from a period of uncertainty, a scenario many would undoubtedly crumble in.

TCP 2-1-0 WV (Legends Cup XII)

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. On June 5th, Nicky released a statement on Templars website about his retirement, detailing his trajectory and best wishes to people. In addition, Moon also released an announcement in their Discord, expressing her goodbyes and compliments to her colleagues.

Moon’s announcement

To find out more about the reasons for their retirement, Club Penguin Armies reached out to both Nicky and Moon for an interview.

What circumstances prompted you to retire?

Nicky: I do not have time to be in Templars anymore due to events in my personal life and in school taking priority.

Moon: Personally, I did not want to be in CPA knowing I will be going to college soon. And like I would be way too busy for armies eventually.

Did you have any plans for a successor after your retirement?

Nicky: The leaders we hired recently will be the successors.

Moon: I did not

What are your views on the future of the Templars?

Nicky: I think it will be bright, the new leaders are fully capable of leading this army and I believe they will show great success in wars and tournaments.

Moon: Ohh, I think they’ll continue to be as successful if not better than currently

Would you like to dedicate a message to your comrades?

Nicky: Keep doing what I have told you, attend the events, work hard for the army and you will see success.

Moon: Have fun in Templars, Deus Vult o7

By their words, we can see that they made this decision straightforwardly. Retirements might be hard, especially when it’s such cherished figures in the army. However, the Knights must continue looking forward. Do you think we might see one of them returning to their position? Will other Templar leaders follow?


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