What Puffle Matches Your Personality?

It is impossible to think of Club Penguin without a puffle coming into mind. These little ones have marked their presence among players on our dear icy island. Today, we approached several community members to learn what kind of puffles better describe their personalities.


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Puffles were small pet creatures that could be purchased at the Pet Shop in Club Penguin. Although they were discovered in November 2005, they only became adoptable in March 2006. The player could only adopt up to 80 puffles, originally ranging from various colors. Meanwhile, non-members were restricted to just two: blue and red. Besides being cute creatures, some puffles could help earn more coins in certain minigames depending on their colors, such as Catchin’ Waves, Jetpack Adventure, and Cart Surfer. Later in the game, the legendary rainbow and golden puffles became adoptable.

Like in real life with pets, puffle owners had to take care of their creatures periodically. This care consisted of four activities: feeding, bathing and hygiene, fun activities, and sleep. Moreover, the favorite food of puffles were the unforgettable Puffle-O’ berries. However, if all the stats of a puffle were empty while its owner was inactive the puffle would then leave the player’s igloo and return to the wild.

Original Puffle Adoption Screen

Later in the game, Club Penguin introduced more puffle species. Known as Wild Puffles, these were special puffles mostly based on real-life animals. Around 28 extra variants composed the wild puffles category. Introduced in the Prehistoric Party in 2014, players met the Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and T-Rex puffles. Furthermore, other wild puffles became adoptable, such as the Rabbit, Raccoon, Deer, and Unicorn. Even Alien puffles were discovered! Nonetheless, some may say this was arguably the worst phase of Club Penguin.

All Puffle Creatures in Club Penguin

Every puffle had distinct personality traits, making each one unique in its own way. Bearing that in mind, Club Penguin Armies approached several community members to learn what puffles better described their personality.

What puffle matches your personality the most and why?

JevTheJester, Moderator: Wellll if i had to pick. I remember having a blue puffle named Yiu (dumb child keymash) and i remember blue puffles are loyal. and i find a big trait of mine is that im loyal. so i’d say blue!

Spotty, Head Judge: White puffle. “It may be smaller than all other puffles, but its power is unmeasurable“. Let’s be real this sums me up.

Hampterio, Water Vikings: Probably orange bc they seem the most crazy out of them all and that’s what I’m looking for. So yeah orange ig.

Elsa, Templars: Oh! I think the Pink puffle matches my personality the most because I’m very active and cheery!

Dillon, Reporter-in-Training: I dunno. The black puffle has rage problems he is literally me.

MochaReporter-in-Training: I would say the blue puffle matches my personality the most. The reason for this is because I’m a loyal person. For example if you’re one of my friends I’d defend you. I am mid tempered (mood swings mainly).

Fitsuki, Elite Guardians Leader: the black puffle, for sure, as it is seen as serious and generally surly.

Snork, Winged Hussars Leader: I think I match the green puffle! I’m not sure if I can call myself funny, but I do try to be a silly billy, especially when people in CPA can take things way too seriously. When I’m in the mood for it, I can definitely be as energetic as a green puffle too.

Amelia, Army of Club Penguin: lmaoo how cute, probably the white puffle because it’s shy and quiet but also powerful when they want to be 🤍

Mare, Managing Editor: I think the puffle that matches my personality would probably be the purple one! Not only is purple my favorite color, but this puffle loves to dance, and I danced from a young age all through high school. The purple puffle also loves its beauty sleep, just like me—I love my naps, pampering myself, and always staying on top of the latest fashion trends.

Even though the question itself may seem silly at first glance, it helps us witness the diversity that lies in our community. Several people with different traits of personalities coexist – or try to – having armies as a common hobby. In addition, it became clear how no one likes the wild puffles. They are awful. Nonetheless, we would like to hear it from YOU! What puffle matches YOUR personality the most?

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