Comics #27: World Cup Finals

Welcome to the twenty-seventh edition of Club Penguin Armies Comics! In this comic, I dare put my artistic skills into test, aiming to portray armies preparing for the finals of the Around the World Cup.

CPA Comic

Designed by Wynn

In this comic, we can see four armies wearing their respectives soccer (not football) jerseys warming up for the final match of the Around the World Cup. Thus, the Elite Guardians, the Army of Club Penguin, the Winged Hussars, and the People’s Imperial Confederation are shown in the comic below.


Drawn by Edu14463


Did you enjoy this week’s comic? Who do YOU think will win the finals? Which jersey did you like the most? What do you want to see here in CPA Comics? 



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Army Legend. Former Water Ninjas leader. Founder and Leader of the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. Currently working as CPA Associate Editor.

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