Comics #26: Procrastinating Is My Job

Welcome to the twenty-sixth edition of Club Penguin Armies Comics! In this comic, cartoonist Zooy makes a humorous portrayal of his work in the Comics department of the reporting team. Are they able to deliver comics on time?

CPA Comic

In this comic, Zooy is seen to be requested to draw a comic for the following week. However, he realizes he accepted the assignment knowing he would not have enough time to complete it. Edu14463, one of the managers of the Comics section of Club Penguin Armies, is shown to approach him asking him about his work. Nonetheless, Zooy is seemingly not working on it, rather, taking a rest on the beach. The final frame shows Zooy delivering his work to Edu with three days of delay. Well, now it has been published!

Drawn by Zooy

Did you enjoy this week’s comic? What are your thoughts on the Cartoonists’ situation being portrayed in their Comics? What do you want to see here in CPA Comics? Do you think Zooy will be able to complete his work under the deadline next time?


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