Club Penguin Armies Plays Mario Kart

Start your engines! This weekend the Club Penguin Armies staff team raced to the end of exam season in a friendly game of Mario Kart! Did we survive the intense competition? Or did the race drive us bananas?

Designed by Master DS

The month of May has been very difficult for students throughout the army community, with exam season seemingly more intense than ever. On Sunday, the Club Penguin Armies team gathered for a much-needed staff meeting to refresh, offer support, and congratulate everyone on the end of the school year! Five of us grabbed our Nintendo Switches for a fun game of Mario Kart! The game night was so much fun and definitely gave us the one-up we needed to power through the June chaos!

Featuring myself (on Sidie’s switch) , Lemur, Gabgeirl, Mare, and Flypin!

One of several games we played

Gabgeirl and Lemur proceeded to completely destroy my Mario Kart reputation in several races, which is something I will never recover from. However, as you can see the gameplay was FAR from competitive….

Plus some friendly banter…

If one thing is certain, more Mario Kart mayhem will likely make an appearance within the CPA staff team once more. However, Lemur and Gabegeirl should be prepared to LOSE as I’ve been practicing for my moment of redemption. Make sure to join our staff team so you can participate in our fun meetings as well!

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