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Club Penguin Armies have continued to produce posts since its creation almost two years ago. A lot of ideas have already been written but we aim to find out what posts YOU want to see.

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More often than not, Club Penguin Armies produces content daily, publishing news, opinion pieces and other articles for the community to read. Despite all the articles that have been released, creative posts continue to be made. It’s clear to see that the media team is full of ideas and creative personalities. However, I still have one question: What would YOU like to read?

The community keeps Club Penguin Armies alive, so it’s of utmost importance that we serve its members. Since CPA’s creation, we have seen beloved members, articles and columns come and go. Subsequently, others have taken their place. Currently, we have columns like Memorable Moments and Behind The Scenes. The latter has become a mainstay since its inception last year. However, there is always room for more posts to be made.

With that being said, we approached members of the community to find out what posts YOU want to see.

Fera aka EnderLemon: Drama, like spill the tea on armies n stuff or whatevers been happening in the cpa server, like ion wanna miss out but i dont have time to keep up with all the servers 😭

Johnathan: Tbh, idk but more behind the scenes would be nice, those are the only ones I read.

Breadpan aka Adam: I would like to see more posts on ME. I am literally an absolute legend and here I am answering questions for a LOUSY article. No, but seriously I would like to see more posts on just fun stuff, because every once in a while you need a break from tournament news, wars, opinions and a lot of stuff.

CrazyFlame23: Posts that are interactive I would say, like people get to dictate what happens next or given a choice.

Feliks: Maybe a column about the internal politics of armies? Stuff like their ranks, constitution, how they operate

Jewl: Okay, this is a bit varied of answers tbh. Firstly you could always get the Ogest cpa legends and ask them what they think of cpa now.

Or yall could do what the future of cpa is gonna look like

Or yall could do a post about certain shut down armies and where are their leaders now eg: helicopters, royals., odc, elites etc tec

Another cool one would be real world conflicts and how we can implement them in cpa.

Foxyy: The posts I would like to see get made is what could armies do to get better the reason is that I think that armies even acp and hf could be better with events. So basically why I want this to be made is because when armies have events they only max around 10-15 penguins

Zay: Something I’ve wanted from CPA are posts that go back to explaining the basics of armies to the newer people that are joining up. Yes, many armies are following this concept, but I feel as if some members are notably arriving to CPA specifically through the ORGANIZATION rather than any ARMY which could cause confusion. So if there were a series of posts that just go down the basics and intermediate knowledge of CPA to help people out, that would be a great addition.

Not just for explaining the basics, but also lots of other stuff that’ll be crucial to helping them, such as how THEY can lead their own armies and establish themselves in the CPA community or how THEY can get a better understanding of this or that. That’s my proposal!

It is clear to see that the community have a variety of opinions about what CPA should be covering. These ideas sound promising and will give a new lease of life when/if they get published. It has been great to hear all of these ideas and what the community wants to see. But is there anything that’s gone unmentioned that YOU would like to see? Be sure to let us know!


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