Army Rivalries: Light Troops Battle the Rebel Penguin Federation

Welcome to the fourth edition of Army Rivalries, the column in which we explore the various conflicts of armies. This edition will look at the war between the Light Troops vs Rebel Penguin Federation.

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The Light Troops and the Rebel Penguin Federation have had a long history of conflicts. Tensions, brewing since 2014, escalated at the start of 2015 when LT removed Army Legend, Elmikey, from LT. Former LT Leader and Army Legend, Waterkid, had initially permitted Elmikey to join the army due to Elmikey’s belief that the RPF wanted to coup him. The LT leaders capitalized on this, recognizing Elmikey’s proficiency in leading US events. They chose to retain him until they could find a suitable replacement.

In May 2015, LT had been planning to declare war on the Rebels. The LT leaders discovered that Elmikey had also attempted to recruit LT members from their Xat chat. This was unacceptable and further fueled LT’s anger. Although LT wanted to declare war, their plans were put on hold because Waterkid was absent until June 12, 2015. In a public statement addressing the situation, Waterkid described RPF as “the definition of evil” and accused them of hacking their troops and using inappropriate language. He assured the community that LT would attack the Rebels in June 2015 upon his return. 

One day before Waterkid’s return, on June 11th, a post titled “RPF are dumb” surfaced. In this post, former LT Leader, DrMatt, discussed RPF’s invasion of LT’s capital, stating it was invalid. He also called out former RPF Leader and Army Legend, Silverburg, for “acting tough” after maxing over 50 penguins in one event. DrMatt mentioned that LT would have been able to achieve these numbers with only 12 hours’ notice. In this post, he called the Rebels fake and told them to give up, claiming that RPF would be “dead by the end of the summer”. Waterkid later added his edit. He mentioned the Rebels were being led by adults and encouraged people to join LT, an army that was not led by “unemployed adults”.


As tensions escalated, both armies quickly went to battle with each other. On June 13, 2015, LT attempted to invade Tuxedo, the capital of RPF. Both armies exaggerated their sizes, claiming 70 for RPF and 36 for LT. However, after verifying the numbers, Club Penguin Army Central determined the actual sizes to be 50 for RPF and 35 for LT. The Rebels ended up arriving 20 minutes late for the 30-minute battle. Due to their late arrival, LT won the first rooms within those initial 20 minutes. However, the Rebels won the last room due to their size advantage once they arrived. At the end of the battle, both armies held their ground and each claimed victory.

LT vs RPF Invasion of Tuxedo June 2015

After weeks of escalating tensions between these two armies, the war was now in full swing. Six battles had already taken place between RPF and LT. Although previous skirmishes had occurred, Elmikey officially declared war on LT in a post on June 20, 2015. 

Shortly after the Battle of Tuxedo, the armies proceeded to the battles of Migrator and Yeti. However, LT decided not to show up to both of them, resulting in RPF being declared the victors. For the next battle, the server Breeze, the community expected LT to be a no-show again. However, a few LT members attended, and their allies, the Doritos, logged on to support them. Despite this, LT logged off, leaving the Doritos to fight the Rebels for the remainder of the battle. Ultimately, RPF claimed victory in the battle of Breeze.

Following the battle of Breeze, both armies ended up being online and collided on the server Northern Lights, LT’s co-capital. LT ended up accusing RPF of multi-logging during this event and decided to make a post regarding it. Due to this, both armies decided to claim victory.

In late June, during the battles, a distressing incident occurred. A member of RPF fell victim to doxing, the malicious act of exposing private or identifying information online. The timing suggests it may have been an act of retaliation for declaring war. Regrettably, this event intensified tensions between the two armies, further straining already fragile relations.

On July 3, 2015, a battle for Frosty took place. The community witnessed impressive numbers, with both armies reaching over 50 penguins online before the battle began. Despite around 50% drop in numbers in both armies, due to many troops being locked out, they still engaged in an intense battle. 

RPF vs LT Battle of Frosty June 2015

Six minutes after the battle began, at 3:06 PM EST, both armies moved to Snow Forts, where the size drops occurred. Fifteen minutes later, LT moved into the town to regroup with their locked-out troops, with RPF following them. With the majority of the town being filled with Light Troops, the Rebel Penguin Federation moved to the Iceberg, where they continued their tactics and reached a size of over 30. 

RPF Last Room Battle of Frosty June 2015

At 3:23 PM EST, LT logged off Frosty, claiming victory. RPF stayed until 3:30 PM, also claiming victory. This left the server in dispute.

Post War

On June 9, 2015, following a clash between their opposing armies, RPF and LT decided to end their conflict. During the wars, decisions were often made based solely on conjecture in the absence of judges. This meant that the outcomes of battles were often based on opinions from people in the community, with varying viewpoints, since there were no established judging guidelines like there are today.

Shortly after ending the war, RPF claimed victory due to LT making the decision to shut down. In less than a day, RPF declared war on not just one, but two armies: the Army of Club Penguin and the Nachos. CPAC then conducted an interview with Silverburg, during which he outlined the numerous malicious actions committed by both armies against RPF. He emphasized that defeating LT had been relatively simple and implied that LT’s subsequent shutdown was a direct outcome of their defeat by RPF. Silverburg asserted that, given the Rebels’ current situation, they were sufficiently motivated to embark on another conflict.

Immediately after the interview, due to the backlash Waterkid heard from RPF, he posted on the LT website on July 10, 2015, directly addressing RPF. In the post, Waterkid clarified that the shutdown wasn’t solely due to the Rebels, but rather because he wanted to spend the rest of his summer away from the army community. Within the post, Waterkid decided to reopen LT to prevent those hoping for the army’s downfall from succeeding.


The war between LT and RPF marked a challenging period filled with intense battles and heightened tensions. Spanning from 2014 to 2015, this conflict was inflamed by the removal of Elmikey from LT, escalating tensions between the two armies. Since Elmikey’s departure, leaders from both sides consistently criticized each other. The feud reached a critical point after the invasion of Tuxedo, prompting RPF to declare war.

Despite LT initially fanning the flames of rising tensions with RPF through their posts, LT’s shutdown shortly after the war allowed RPF to claim victory. Whether LT’s closure resulted from their war efforts remains a mystery.

As with many battles of that era, the absence of judges left the results of the LT vs. RPF war up for interpretation. Despite the lack of official judging, this conflict remains a historic chapter in army history. Who do you believe won this war? What are your thoughts on having the community interpret the winner instead of a judge?

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