Shrekkks Retires From Dark Pirates

After a few months serving in the Dark Pirates, Ninja leader announced the retirement of their co-leader Shrekkks. After his retirement, Shrekkks joined the People’s Imperial Confederation holding the rank of Admiral. What factors led to this event?


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Shrekkks has been in the army community for about three years. He started his journey in 2021 when he joined Templars.  Sometime after he became a staff member, holding the rank of Lieutenant. Shortly, his journey in Templars took off and he was promoted once more, holding the rank of General. During 2023, however, he had a setback as he was demoted for not being as active as before.

Shrekkks in a recent DPC event

During 2024, Shrekkks decided to create his own army, which did not go so well. He decided to merge his army with the Dark Pirates and was given the rank of Master Commander. With his hard work and determination, he made his way up to high command. After a few weeks, Ninja Leader, one of the army’s leaders, made an announcement mentioning that he was going to take a short break, leaving Shrekkks as a temporary leader.

After the main leader’s return, it was decided that Shrekkks would stay as a permanent leader. However, a few months later, he decided it was his time to retire and continue his journey elsewhere. This time, he would join the People’s Imperial Confederation, now holding the rank of Admiral.

Shrekkks promotion

Ninja Leader announcement

Club Penguin Armies approached Shrekkks to learn more about his retirement and what he has in store for the future.

What led to your retirement?

 I’ve been extremely busy trying to balance my normal life with my commitments to the Dark Pirates. I also want to explore the army community more, learn new things, and understand the challenges each army faces daily. By doing so, I hope to gain a deeper appreciation for their work and the impact they have on CPA.

Do you have any favorite memories of your journey in Dark Pirates?

I’m still unsure about my favorite memories during my journey in Dark Pirates. I’m currently preoccupied with exams, which makes it difficult to think about these things.

Do you have any future plans in the CPA Community?

I have several plans for the future, including exploring everything in the CPA Community, making new friends, and finding ways to alleviate my boredom.

Will you come back to Dark Pirates?

Perhaps I will return in the near future, but it’s uncertain. However, I have promised some of the Dark Pirates troops that I will come back.

 Is there anything else you want to say?

 I don’t have much to say, but I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day. I truly wish for some of you to be more successful than I am.

It is still unclear whether Shrekkks will return to his former army, Dark Pirates, or not. Regardless, we, at Club Penguin Armies, wish him the very best of luck in his carreer in the People’s Imperial Confederation! Do you think the former captain will return to his crew? Or do you believe Shrekkks will set sails to new seas and climb up the ranks of the Confederation?

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