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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we delve into the day-to-day life of a community member. In this edition, we will explore the life of Saber, who currently works as a Moderator at Club Penguin Armies.

Saber started his army journey at the beginning of April 2020. While playing Club Penguin Online, he stumbled upon Dark Warrior troops recruiting at the dojo. Saber was intrigued and decided to join their Discord server, where he began participating in events and becoming more engaged. Later on, Saber swiftly climbed the ranks and was promoted to the position of Fourth-in-Command. Eventually, Saber decided to leave the Dark Warriors because the army would soon shut down. He decided to join the Ice Warriors since he had friends involved there. As time passed, Saber retired from IW in 2021 but made a few small returns to help out his friends’ armies.

In January 2023, Saber decided to rejoin the community and officially joined Special Weapons and Tactics. However, according to Saber, as things soured there, he left SWAT in September 2023. Saber wanted to try new things, and that’s when he stumbled upon the People’s Imperial Confederation. With Saber’s motivation and passion to succeed, Saber rapidly rose through the ranks and seamlessly adapted to the army culture. On February 22, 2024, Saber was officially promoted as the 35th Commander-in-Chief alongside Jojo Teri, who became the 36th Commander-in-Chief.

Under Saber’s leadership, PIC recently made the decision to declare war on SWAT, naming it the Weeping Weapons War. As expressed in the declaration, SWAT was consistently hurling severe insults at PIC and spreading slander against the army. Consequently, PIC chose to defend themselves, and the war concluded with a 3-0 victory for PIC. As that war swiftly came to an end, Saber had already begun to make his mark on the battlefield.

Recent Battle with SWAT

Additionally, Saber wears multiple hats within Club Penguin Armies, not only as a respected leader but also as a dedicated Moderator. Stepping into this role in August 2023, Saber has consistently upheld the values of safety and inclusivity, fostering an environment where all members feel welcome and secure. His commitment to maintaining order and harmony within CPA demonstrates his unwavering dedication to the community’s well-being.

Saber Moderating Community Chat

It is clear that Saber is one of the influential figures within the Club Penguin Armies community. Consequently, Club Penguin Armies approached Saber for an interview to gain deeper insights into his background and personality behind the scenes.

Outside of armies, who is Saber behind the scenes?

Oh god, who am I not? I’m somebody who has a very diverse online presence, I think I have about… 5 or 6 different aliases??? Honestly it might be even more! I’m pretty sure that everybody who knows me knows that I’m (hopefully) a very social person, and I just really enjoy talking to people and getting to put my name out there! I think it’s a bit silly to limit yourself to only one thing at such a young age and to be stuck indoors (and if you are somehow stuck indoors, don’t limit yourself to just one thing). Most of us… shade thrown… are young in this community so it’s good to have a personality and a self of self behind a username! I hate people who take this game too seriously, and ESPECIALLY people who only play this game for whatever sad sense of power that they can grab. Stop fighting and go outside. Get a job. Make some real friends. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FUN, YOU GUYS?!?!?!?!?

Why did you want to become a Moderator?

I was moderator in 2020… I think it was for CPAH??? Yes, I’ve had to face the wrath of the COVID recruits at 15. Not just recruits from COVID, but also salty men who’d cry at me whenever they got muted. I think they’re now the reason why I despise men. Personally, from my experience, being a moderator is the best and easiest way to get involved in the community. You get to connect with the staff and you also get to just have fun in the community chat! I think the moderator position is somewhat important in a community like this. Club penguin armies is a community that’s constantly evolving with new faces, and I HATE how people are always like “I miss the old Xat days where we could say whatever we want!!” Does this look like Xat? Let’s get you to bed, grandpa. As I stated above, I don’t like people who take this game too seriously. It’s a bunch of pixels. I feel good in my position as a moderator because some people just need to be told that they need to CHILLAX. It’s never that deep.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies? I’d say I have a bunch. I enjoy singing, dancing, and acting mainly. Yes, I’m a triple threat. Who’s surprised? I’d want people to be shocked at how mysterious and shy I am like some sort of Disney Channel protagonist who reveals that they can actually sing, but my issue is that I genuinely cannot shut up. There’s a specific instance of this where I was VC leading (as usual), and I decided to have my own Beyoncé concert. Did anybody want it? No. Did anybody enjoy it? No. I genuinely think it was only me who showed up and we had to cancel anyways, but I had a great time. I love partying, I hate people who sit all sad in a bar whenever you could be doing literally anything. GET UP! I’ve also become a bit of a cinephile recently. A cinephile is somebody who really likes movies, don’t be weird. Getting a Letterboxd has changed me as a person I think. My favourite four are Mean Girls, Bottoms, Chicago, and Scott Pilgrim. I just love powerful women and Kieran Culkin. Most recent movie I watched was Challengers, which I instantly gave a 5 stars to. Most recent show I watched was like… my 5th rewatch of Succession. I love that show. If anybody wants to argue with me about ANYTHING on that show, I’m so down. I also really enjoy gaming! I’m more of a story-based game fan though, which essentially means I’m just a loser. I love you Emma Mountebank from The Quarry (2022)!

What is your favorite music genre? Who is your favorite music artist?

I love music. I’ve loved music since I was practically fresh out the bakery. I love.. I don’t know how to say it without using the c-word on an interview, but like… 2000s reminiscent pop? Love me some Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Charli XCX, Azealia Banks, Lady Gaga… I know that people are like “I’ll listen to anything!” but that’s me. I’ll listen to anything that’s NOT Taylor Swift. I can’t get behind it, sorry. I have playlists for all different genres of music. I also make playlists for certain characters I like too! I have playlists for my male manipulator music, for going on a night out, for anything you could imagine. This also may be controversial, but I also really like K-pop. I don’t care what you have to say, the girls are working overtime to produce some bangers! My favourite groups of all time have to be Red Velvet (Seulgi biased) and Loona! (Rest in peace Loona, you will be missed).

So, we know that you’re from Ireland. Tell us, what’s your favorite holiday there and why?

Oh no. This is a scary question to ask, because if I give an answer that other Irish people in this community don’t like, I’ll be jumped. Like you’ll genuinely never hear from me again. I also really enjoy this shoutout to you guys already knowing I’m Irish. It’s almost like when I was 15 I led an Irish Republican Army on Club Penguin. Definitely one of my best moments. Honestly, my favourite is 12 pubs. It’s more of an event, but it happens right before Christmas (on the 23rd usually), so I’m counting it. You just have to pub crawl to 12 different pubs to represent the 12 days of Christmas?? There’s rules in each pub too that’s chosen by the group, such as using accents or taking a picture with a random person, and if you break the rules you have to buy everybody a drink. It’s fun when you’re not a lightweight, so I just get to make fun of everybody else.

If you had to pick one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

I genuinely think this is one of the most difficult questions I’ve ever been asked in my life. Honestly, I’d genuinely just be content with a plate of chips (fries, for you weirdos out there). I mean, I could ask for anything on them (even though I am a picky eater we all know I’m not getting anything crazy). Or like… different style of chips! Like curly fries. That’s my answer, it may be boring, but it’ll sure do the job!

Thank you for the interview, Saber! As we can see, Saber emerges as a significant influence in the community, both through the league and army involvement. Beyond his army commitments, Saber’s vibrant personality shines as he embraces life to the fullest. He wisely advises against taking armies too seriously. Instead, he advocates for a balanced approach that prioritizes enjoying life while nurturing one’s personality alongside online engagement. What are your thoughts on Saber’s perspective regarding maintaining a balanced approach to online engagement? What other big achievements will Saber achieve both in armies and real life? 

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