Administrative Statement: Implementing Media Member of the Month

As we enter May, the Administration wishes to announce a change in our workings, implementing ‘Media Member of the Month’ from this month onwards. This will act as an alternative to ‘Reporter of the Month’, and with this change, we wish to acknowledge the efforts and work of not just Reporters, but staff members from all our existing departments who have been working hard in their respective positions.

CPA Statement

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The tradition of ‘Reporter of the Month’ has been followed by many Leagues in this community, and it is something that we wanted to take forward in Club Penguin Armies, as well. The idea of recognizing a Reporter each month, for their contribution and work during that particular month, is not only rewarding but can be seen as a definite boost to one’s self-esteem, enthusiasm, and willingness to keep pitching in. However, it is not just the Reporters who work hard in this community, and while they play an important role in Media, it is important to acknowledge and recognize the work of other departments here, whose efforts are equally significant in ensuring productivity and consistency in this field.

Thus we are thrilled to incorporate ‘Media Member of the Month’ starting this month. Shallissa, our current Editor-in-Chief came up with this wonderful idea, and we believe this will be a great way to reward our staff members from every division for their hard work, sincerity, and dedication. It is not only inclusive in nature but will ensure that we give attention to all our departments and give them the recognition they are clearly deserving of. While we are deviating from the practice of ‘Reporter of the Month’, we wish to acknowledge the respect we hold towards it, and how much it has helped us over the course of time to establish a foundation.

With that being said, here is presenting to you, the ‘Media Member of the Month’, and we hope that this idea will be taken well by the community and benefit us in the long run. The Administration would like to take a moment here and express our gratitude towards Gabgeirl, who has been diligently working on the ‘Reporter of the Month’ thumbnails and was extremely prompt in coming up with the ‘Media Member of the Month’ thumbnail after she was notified of this change. If it were not for her hard work and perseverance, we probably would not have been able to release a ‘Reporter of the Month’ post every month. And, on this occasion especially, we want to commend her for all that she does for the organization.

Media Member of the Month – designed by Gabgeirl

As we implement this change, we wish to be more mindful of the immense contribution of our staff members, without whom, this league would be nothing. We are excited to see it as a stepping stone in our journey and hope that it serves as favorable to all of us. What are your thoughts on this idea? Who do you think will be the first to get ‘Media Member of the Month’? 

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