Army Rivalries: New Dawn Alliance vs Ice Warriors

Welcome to the second edition of Army Rivalries, the column where we take a look back at some of the past rivalries in the community. In this edition, we will take a look at the New Dawn Alliance vs Ice Warriors war(s) that took place.

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The New Dawn Alliance was officially reformed on April 13th 2020 by the Doritos. The declaration saw the Doritos, Light Troops, Underground Mafias Army and Pirates come together to form the NDA. However, before its reformation, the Doritos declared war on the Ice Warriors after the Warriors and their allies attacked the Doritos with joint invasions. Originally, the war was between the Warriors, Doritos and Aliens. Despite this, the focus of the war was IW vs DCP with allies assisting both armies in the war.

The Warriors and Doritos are no strangers to war. Before and after this war, they faced each other on the battlefield several times. One of the more memorable wars in the modern day was the Black Ice Alliance vs DCP. Both armies have a rich history within the community and their will to fight was certainly strong. With that being said, the war was highly anticipated.

Following the Doritos’ declaration, the armies went on to host several invasions/defences which were heavily contested. Both armies were fighting for their lives with hundreds of troops showing up for both sides. Neither army showed signs of slowing down or giving up. Both armies had won at least one battle but the rivalry only heated up from here. Aliens were also taken out of the equation during the war as the Dark Warriors took their capital server, White Out. Following this, a treaty was issued, ensuring they could not attack DW, IW or others.

DCP’s invasion of Tuxedo

The New Dawn Alliance was announced just three days after the war declaration with one mission. To destroy the Ice Warriors. Following the declaration, the Doritos went on to successfully invade Brumby. However, the Warriors shocked everyone by giving their land away to small/medium armies. They were joined by the Golds in giving away their nation to the SM community. In their announcement, the Warriors claimed that since they started invading they won 25 battles and only lost three. Yet, despite this, they gave away their land to put an end to the war.

Obviously, this ending left both sides without a proper ending, with tensions remaining high. This led them on another collision course just one month later, in May. This was quite different than the last, however. On May 12th, Special Weapons And Tactics, alongside the NDA, declared war on the Ice Warriors. The official declaration included many armies, seeing the New Dawn Alliance get recreated. This time, nine armies were listed by SWAT as a part of the alliance. Despite the war being against Ice Warriors, three others were also called out.

SWAT’s declaration of war

Badboy, who was SWAT’s leader at the time, claimed that Andrew (Ice Warriors leader) used his position on the Club Penguin Online Army League Board to give the Warriors an unfair advantage. He went on to state that Andrew “should never have been in charge of the map, top ten, or any media-related site”. He stated this, mentioning that bias can creep into decision-making.

SWAT soon went on to invade Squires instead of the Warriors. Yet, the Warriors took part in the battle, helping the Squires retain their land. This was not the only invasion SWAT failed to win either, as they also failed to take Permafrost. However, Club Penguin Online soon received a DMCA and closed its doors. For many, the world of Club Penguin Armies seemed to fall apart. The war that was happening suddenly became the last thing to worry about. Many were forced to move from CPOAL to CP Army Media‘s organisation and rebuild.

Following the closure of Club Penguin Online, some armies could not recover. On May 15th, Golds closed their doors and merged into the Ice Warriors. Then, on May 18th, SWAT held their “final event”, maxing 25, averaging 20, much less than what they were used to. A new era soon began as SWAT merged into the Doritos and Badboy took his place as a Doritos leader. Despite all that was going on, invasions soon were scheduled by Badboy’s Doritos. From the Pirates to the Ice Warriors, it was clear that he was out for blood. Badboy desperately wanted to take the Ice Warriors out, eventually enlisting the aid of the Pirates.

Doritos during an event May 2020

With that, in late May, Pirates and Doritos declared war on the Ice Warriors. In an invasion of IW territory on May 27th, the Warriors no-showed, giving the win to the Doritos. As quickly as the war started, the war soon began to end. Within a couple of days, the Pirates created a treaty with the Warriors. Epic101 stated that he never wanted to go to war against the Ice Warriors. Thus, he broke their alliance with the Doritos and formed a new one with the Warriors.

With the Pirates withdrawing, the Doritos were alone but still held hope. However, discussions soon began with the Warriors. What was going to be an invasion of Mammoth on May 30th turned into a practice battle. This was because Mammoth was traded with the Doritos and terms were met. This meant that the war between the two was over…for now.

The New Dawn Alliance was reformed once again in July to protect others from the Ice Warriors and the Dark WarriorsWarrior Alliance. This alliance soon became the Black Ice Alliance, adding the Rebel Penguin Federation into the mix. The Ice Warriors were seen as a force within the community who colonised armies and expanded their map dominance. Together with DW and RPF, they proved to be an unstoppable force.

Doritos vs Ice Warriors

Following the formation of the NDA, a couple of days later, on July 15th, the Black Ice Alliance issued a war declaration on the Doritos. Allegations of inflated maxes, troop stealing, sexism and shit-talking soon hit the Doritos. After the allegations came out, members of the newly formed NDA soon withdrew from the alliance. This left the Doritos to defend against three armies. However, this proved too much for the Doritos as they soon withdrew from the league. Alongside this, multiple leaders left the army.

With that, the New Dawn Alliance was officially dead. The Black Ice Alliance had driven them out of the league and leaders out of the Doritos. This put an end to the war between the NDA and Ice Warriors/BIA. The war may not have ended how the Doritos wanted it to, however, one thing was clear. The Black Ice Alliance showed themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Its presence alone shook the community to its core. Many wars were seen after this, but no one was a match for these three dominant armies.

What do you think? Do you think that the Black Ice Alliance was the most dominant alliance in history? Was the New Dawn Alliance’s collapse inevitable? Were the Badboy wars impactful?

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