Comics #22: Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to the 22nd edition of Club Penguin Armies comics. In this comic, cartoonist Zooy picks up where they last left off in the last comic. However, this time the penguins are celebrating Easter with an Easer egg hunt.

CPA Comic

Designed by Wynn

In this almost ten panel comic, a blue penguin ponders is participating in the Club Penguin Armies Easter egg hunt. The blue penguin finds a curious egg, bringing it back for judging in the egg display contest. However, the egg begins to wiggle, a pink penguin emerging from its shell. It’s an Easter miracle as the blue penguin found the Egg of Awe, winning first place in the process.

Designed by Zooy

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Much, much love to Zooy for once again providing some of the more adorable drawings ever made in the Club Penguin lore. You truly bring a smile to our faces. What kind of creatures were hiding in the other eggs do you suppose?

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