What’s Up Club Penguin Armies?

Club Penguin Armies’ community chat is often active throughout the day with various topics being talked about. In this post, we will be looking at some of the recent topics that were discussed.

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What’s up CPA? Yesterday, the army community saw a third-place match in the March Madness tournament take place. While many were intrigued about the battle that would take place between the Army of Club Penguin and the Elite Guardians, this was not the only topic being discussed. Let us find out what was being discussed in CPA yesterday.

Local cheerleader, Elsa, got her one minute of fame in the local news yesterday alongside her friend. Elsa is always present within the community with bucketloads of passion. It is clear to see that this personality would attract the local news but what was she in the news for? Well, Elsa was at a college basketball watch party, supporting one of the teams playing. Fortunately, the team she was supporting won. This led to her and her friend being photographed by the local news.

Club Penguin Private Servers are often topics of discussion within the community and not always for good reasons. However, Sora recently mentioned Club Penguin Imagined, a less talked about CPPS. The most talked about CPPS is usually CPJourney, but CPI offers a new take on Club Penguin. Unlike other CPPS’, you can take a hot air balloon tour around the island which he said was supposed to be in the original game. This seems like a cool idea that would give players a new view of the island.

Currently, CPI has over 6000 users. This should only increase as they have many unique and original ideas. Alongside this, is has many secrets on the island like alien abductions and cheese ninjas. There are a lot more unique ideas like this too! It also has a continual storyline with live events taking place every few months. However, be aware that it is a downloadable CPPS much like NewCP but without the adverts.

In other news, Mare is starting to plan her wedding as she awaits for a man to buy her an Overwatch skin. Many rumours are circulating that the masculine-voiced Calgo will be on his way to buy her the skin. Only time will tell whether or not they will wed.

The March Madness battle between EGCP and ACP took many by surprise. There was tension in the community chat but it was not between the two armies, surprisingly. Despite that, EGCP taking the win by a 2-0-1 [W-L-T] over ACP shocked many. Yet, for Edu, it was another great opportunity to dust off his leadership skills. After helping EGCP in the March Madness, will we see Edu return to leadership? Or was this a one-off for the Army Legend? Only time will tell.

Our last topic is about Da Best stating that he will soon be stepping out of the community after finishing the tournament’s wiki section. Da Best has often stated he finds it weird that the community is filled with older individuals. However, he does not plan to become one of them. Therefore, he is already planning his quick exit. Will this be the last year we see Da Best in the community?

With that, we come to the end of the post. The community had a lot to talk about yesterday with various topics being discussed. However, the chat is only going to become more active as we approach the March Madness Finals. Who will be the victors? Will Mare find the man of her dreams in her Overwatch skin buyer? Will Edu return to EGCP leadership? Following this post, cannot wait to see what happens next.

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