Comics #21: St Patrick’s Day

Welcome to the 21st edition of Club Penguin Armies comics. In this comic, cartoonist Zooy reminds us that, in a time of March Madness, to always celebrate St Patrick’s Day the best way you can.

Designed by Edu14463

In this five panel comic, a blue penguin ponders on how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day at Club Penguin Armies. The blue penguin runs into Mare and Saber, both enjoying the holiday festivities. Leaving the scene, they find clovers scattered everywhere. Is this day actually Army of Club Penguin propaganda disguised as a holiday? However, the clovers eventually lead the blue penguin to a rainbow with a pot of gold.

Drawn by Zooy

Be sure to click on the image to expand.

Thank you to Zooy, who is one of our Reporters of the Month, for drawing this comic. Which panel of this week’s comic is your favorite?

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