Community Reacts to March Madness IX Elite Eight

As the opening weekend of March Madness IX concludes, four armies from the Elite Eight have fought their way to the next round. What does the Club Penguin Army community think of the respective victories?

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Round one of March Madness IX wrapped up on Sunday, after four hard-fought battles. On Saturday, the Army of Club Penguin faced off against the Special Weapons and Tactics, with the Clovers bringing home a well-earned victory. The Water Vikings clashed with the Help Force on the battlefield, where the Vikings promptly secured victory against the Helpers. As the weekend concluded, Sunday witnessed a second series of battles. The Elite Guardians met the People’s Imperial Confederation on the battlefield, swiftly achieving victory. The weekend ended with a clash between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Penguins of Madagascar, where the Rebels saw a successful conquest.

In light of the recent victories achieved by the Water Vikings, Army of Club Penguin, Elite Guardians, and Rebel Penguin Federation, Club Penguin Armies reached out to several members of the community to gather their thoughts and opinions on the battles.

Elsa, Templars: I think ACP did an awesome job at sweeping SWAT. WV did amazing against HF. EGCP did meh against PIC which is fine because I don’t give a crap about EGCP right now. RPF did splendid against POM which is surprising because they wore my favorite color yesterday which is pink!

Mythic, Army Community: Props to SWAT for showing up and actually staying for the whole battle against us yesterday 🙂
I personally judged HF vs WV (first battle back babyyyyy) which was super fun, congrats to WV and HF showed a lot of heart throughout the battle, lastly Im gonna be honest I was busy all day today so I didnt see either of today’s battles but from the summaries it seems like POM gave RPF a pretty good battle! and PIC did well in their own rights as well. All in all I think it was a very successful opening week for MMIX, really looking forward to next week all the heavy hitters against each other. ACP vs WV is bound to be a spectacle (ACP is going to win for sure), and maybe I’ll get to judge RPF vs EGCP

Sidie9, Associate Editor: I think the results for the first round were pretty expected. The most notable battle Water Vikings versus Help Force, as both armies have been trophy contenders for a long time. Considering how well WV has performed recently, though, they definitely deserved the win. The only other thing of note would be that the Elite Guardians should have been disqualified for their tactics at the PIC battle, so I’m disappointed by the absence of action from CPA.

Sanya, Head Moderator: ACP vs SWAT: There’s really nothing much to be said about that …

RPF vs POM : Despite’s RPFs superiority in size, speed and tactics POM was able to stand quite well and at times often tried to make formations that made them look somewhat bigger than they are and I admit I found the overused BWBs quite boring at times but that battle was more interesting to watch than ACP vs SWAT.

HF vs WV: The most interesting and captivating battle to watch but I was quite puzzled on why HF kept moving and changing formations during this battle which gave WV a really big edge despite the size being more or less the same WV was able to control the room with the flow of speedy tactics and cleaner formations than their helper counterparts and for this week I think it’s the most interesting battle of this week.

Ninja Leader, Reporter in Training: My opinion on the first battle between PIC and EGCP is that it was a great battle both armies fought well and both had great leaders and tactics but in my opinion, Major Army should go against Major Army and S/M army should go against S/M army.  On the second battle between POM and RPF it was also a good battle but like I said above Major Vs Major and S/M Vs S/M should be conducted but these tournaments also help the army boost up recruiting and activating accounts and new recruits get a chance to gain higher ranks. I congratulate the winners and the armies who lost I wish them good luck in the future.

Rye Bread, POM Leader: In my opinion, the initial seeding was just a slap in the face. my army, POM, is the newest army competing in MM, and we knew that we needed to fight hard if there was a chance of winning. But once we got the seeding, basically all hope was lost. If you know how loaded RPF is, you knew we would lose. This exact thing can also be said about the other armies participating.

Out of the 4 battles that took place, 3 of them were SM vs MAJOR. And let’s be real, WV vs HF was the only battle that people cared about, those 2 tied in the top tens so it was truly an even battle, with a hyped crowd, both teams ready to win. It was a good battle. The others? Well, it was just sad.

Overall I think CPA should change their seeding in the future, I don’t care if they say it is “correct” no one can ever say that POM (2023) had an even fight against RPF (2007) or even had a chance of winning. For the next March Madness I hope for 3 things; battles should not fall on holidays, judges should not be unaccepting battles the day of the battle, and the seeding should be more even for the sake of army motivation (giving them a battle they can both potentially win) which will additionally boost the community’s activity and competitive drive.

DMT, CPA Advisor: EGCP, ACP, and RPF all easily dispatched their foes, as expected. Though I think it is good to note that POM exceeded my personal expectations in terms of size and- by all accounts- tactics as well. The more shocking battle for me, however, was that of the Help Forces defeat against the Water Vikings. The Vikings had an up-and-down February statistically and I really expected the Helpers to take advantage of that with a path to the semifinals so clear. I also expected WV to have a bit of a hangover effect from their Christmas Chaos win. But they really showed out for the tournament and displayed a clear tactical advantage over the opposition. It will be exciting to see if they can pull off an even bigger victory next round.

As we head into another weekend packed with battles, it is evident that discussions surrounding the Quarter-Finals will persist. While many community members seem satisfied with the results, others expressed a desire for different pairings in the future. As predicted, however, March Madness IX is living true to its name. Undoubtedly, there are certainly more conversations and opinions to come. Congratulations to all four armies who have moved to the Semi-Finals!

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