People’s Imperial Confederation Becomes Major

The People’s Imperial Confederation has now become a major army after much work and dedication was put in to achieve major status. 

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The People’s Imperial Confederation was created on October 17th 2019 by Sidie9 and Sirproditor, both of whom were returning members from the original army community. Following its creation, the army went on to host its first event two days later, maxing five penguins. Of course, there was room for improvement but with this, they immediately registered for the army league.

As time went on, their maxes only improved and they eventually became a formidable force within the army community. PIC did not have an easy time getting there though. They went from the heights of getting to the Challengers Cup finals to staring death in the face multiple times between then and now. In 2021, following the closure of Flash Player, the newly reopened Confederation faced a big challenge. The community was unstable and many armies closed their doors. PIC, however, took this challenge and proved themselves as a resilient force.

In February 2021, the army saw maxes of 20, hosting fun events to keep their members engaged. This only proved their resilience and growth, staying alive and growing post-flash. They went on to make history, being a part of World War VIII as well as multiple other significant wars. During that year, they even went on to max as high as 40. They consistently showed that even if the army went through hardships, they would get back up again.

PIC during World War VIII

Their most recent generation, however, began on February 4th 2023, over a year ago. The army was revived after members encouraged the leaders to revive the once-great army. Upon reviving the army, a new leadership was established, featuring Sidie9, Shallissa, Langly and Hidcre as Commanders-in-Chief. PIC opened its doors with AUSIA and UK/US revival events, both of which featured a maximum size of 13.

Since its revival, the army has participated in World War IX and several other wars, climbed the Top Ten and become a mainstay in the S/M community. In August 2023, the Confederation witnessed its first tournament win in the newest generation during the Beach Brawl III. The Beach Brawl was controversial, their win, however, was clear. After three rooms and overtime, the Confederation beat two other armies to win the trophy. They did not stop here though. Their momentum carried into 2024 as they steamrolled the competition in the S/M portion of the New Year Bonanza tournament. With this, they gained their second trophy within the span of a year.

Outside of warfare and tournaments, recently PIC has seen a big increase in their sizes. Assumedly, this increase is because they have utilised CPJourney, branching out into the wider community. Breaching into the wider community may bring a sense of nostalgia for army veterans. In the past, armies relied on recruiting off of Club Penguin or gathering and introducing rogues to their army. Doing so enabled armies to prosper.

Just two weeks ago, PIC were able to gather 26 penguins during their event on CPJourney. Their growth has not only been seen internally but in the Top Tens too. During the past three weeks, PIC climbed as high as fourth place as a small/medium army. They breached the line that many thought could not be crossed. They have now gone from being a major force within the S/M community to becoming the newest major army.

Club Penguin Armies approached Shallisa to get their thoughts regarding their rise to major status.

What did regaining major status mean to you and your team?

PIC has been a staple Small/Medium army for four years now. We have always been proud of this identity and have seized opportunities to build our name and reputation, regardless of our size. However, moving into the new year, it was time for bigger and better things. We have worked so hard over the years, and we finally have the full recognition we deserve. To our team, our rise to Major demonstrates strength and unity throughout  our army. It reflects four generations worth of leaders, hicom, and staff who all worked to build PIC to this point. Our achievement in becoming a Major army exhibits our core value, of serving as a nation For The People. This accomplishment belongs to everyone in PIC, and I am incredibly proud of our entire army.

What are your plans going forward?

PIC has become pretty popular throughout the Club Penguin Journey community, through both our events and guides. What community members have referred to as “rogues”, we consider friends and members of our army. Bringing our new troops to CPA: Battleground comes with a whole new set of challenges though, as our main goal is to display consistent sizes on both CPPS’s. As we begin transitioning over to equal events on both CPAB and CPJ, we want to display our full force in all of our events. It will take time, but I have full faith in our ability to dominate both CPJ and CPAB.

Do you have anything to say to those aspiring to be a major army or to those who are newer to the army?

Becoming Major is a marathon, not a sprint, especially for newer S/M armies with a growing legacy. Building an army from scratch takes a lot of work. Not only do you have to establish a consistent team and member base, you have to build legitimacy so you’re taken seriously. Both of those things mixed together can be difficult! Take your time, build a solid team, and explore to figure out what works best for your community.

It seems like PIC’s aim for this year has been to become a major army. Each move that they have made has helped the army improve and grow. They acknowledge that CPJourney has been a big part of their path to major and plan to transition to host events both on CPABattleground and CPJ equally. This will allow them to focus on their growth on both CPPS’ and hopefully maintain their sizes on both. Will PIC become a force to be reckoned amongst the major armies in the community? Will they be able to maintain their position as a major? We, at Club Penguin Armies wish the Confederation the best of luck in the future.

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