March Madness IX: Elite Eight Predictions

The quarter-final round of March Madness is approaching quickly, and the seeding has been released. Let us dive into what the community thinks this weekend’s battles will hold.

This year’s March Madness came with a small controversy in the beginning about how the tournament should be run: double elimination or single elimination? Eventually, with a board vote, the admins announced that the tournament would take place in a traditional single elimination. Thus, this weekend, the tournament will feature eight armies facing off to proceed to the semi-finals. The community has been very outspoken about their predictions. Now, let us see what they have to say.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Special Weapons and Tactics 

The Army of Club Penguin is still fresh off of their remarkable year and is thirsting to continue their successes. Special Weapons and Tactics, under a new leadership, have undergone major changes to bring the army to its former glory. Both of these armies have remarkable skills and high morale going into this battle, but size and creativity will prove the winner of this battle.

ACP at Coolguy’s retirement event

Zomb, Community Comittee: I will admit that SWAT has been ramping up its combat efficiency, which is admirable, but ACP is pretty much renowned for its formidable sizes and ingenious tactics, making me think they will also sweep at least 2 rooms if not all

Aubz, Moderator: ACP 3-0 clean sweep

Jojo teri, Top Ten Comittee: I believe ACP will win 3-0 . SWAT hasnt been doing good lately so i dont think acp will struggle at all in that battle as they are by far superior.

Jakob, Youtuber: Wow, these two armies have been enemies for pretty much as long as I can remember. SWAT has honestly decreased in size so much in the last half a year since leadership has been tossed around. I think ACP can swiftly sweep SWAT with a 3-0 as well.

Mocha, Reporter-in-training: In my opinion, ACP would win without an issue with scores being 3-0 ACP is a big army they’re definitely able to hold up against SWAT in any battle or tournament.

Calgo, Community Comittee Head: Another clean sweep by ACP 3-0-0 unless they throw the match intentionally outta pity for the current state of their army, sorry not sorry.

Help Force vs. Water Vikings

There is no doubt that Help Force has always been dominant in tournaments, but the Water Vikings have also made themselves a force to be reckoned with. The Helpers have creative forms and tactics and have continuously grown their army to new heights. The Vikings took home a tournament victory recently during Christmas Chaos XIII, and have an opportunity to take home March Madness as well. Let’s see who the community thinks will win.

Water Vikings at a recent battle against ACP

Zomb, Community Comitee: This one is hard to predict because of how proeficient both armies are, and I dare say it might be one of the more intense battles in this tournament. If I am to guess, both armies have a shot at taking a room each and then duking it out in the final, with the possibility of overtime.

Aubz, Moderator: WV 2-1-1 this will be a close battle w OT

Jojo teri, Top Ten Comittee: This will probably be the most interesting battle of the round considering both armies are major. I believe WV is preparing harder for MM and has rehired some people, also WV has several vets that can help increase its size. So I believe the battle will end up 2-1-0 (W-T-L) in favor of WV.

Jakob, Youtuber: In my opinion, this battle will be the most interesting in the first round. It’s quite hard to guess who’ll win this one, but if I had to guess from judging recent battles, WV will win 2-1. I think this because HF tends to slow down with their tactics throughout battles, which causes them to typically lose. Also, WV has that vet pool to bring up their sizes a lot during tournaments, so this will also be useful to them.

Mocha, Reporter-in-training: Tough choice I do think they might go into overtime as WV did win Christmas Chaos although scores would probably be 2-1 in favor of HF winning.

Calgo, Community Comittee Head: I see this one going either way and being a lot closer, but considering WV’s performance winning the last tournament and the current state of their army being stronger suited for giving one hell of a fight in tournaments, I am inclined to favor them over HF so I will say WV takes the win 2-1-1. I still will be rooting our brothers HF regardless though and look forward to watching this one.

Elite Guardians vs. People’s Imperial Confederation

The Elite Guardians are well known for achieving remarkable sizes and using it to their advantage, making them a tough opponent. Recently, the People’s Imperial Confederation has gone on a huge rise as their sites are set on major and bringing home another tournament. PIC has a large amount of creativity which can give them a fair shot against the Guardians.

EGCP at a recent battle against the Help Force

Zomb, Community Comittee: Let’s face it, EGCP’s size has always made them tough to defeat, but I feel as though they always lack in terms of good tactics and/or formations. Having worked with PIC in the past, their tactics are very engaging and their troops can and will go on a rampage if hyped up enough. If both armies give it their all during the battle, it might result in at least one tie and a room each. It all comes down to PIC’s size and creativity vs EGCP’s size and their ability to use more innovative tactics.

Aubz, Moderator: EGCP 3-0 clean sweep

Jakob, Youtuber: For this battle, I strongly believe that EGCP can tank their way through PIC’s smaller size 3-0. Despite them always seeming to max between 24-30 for pretty much every event including tournaments, I think this will still be enough to win against PIC, even with PIC’s larger vet pool.

Mocha, Reporter-in-training: Even though PIC is a good army EGCP would win with scores being 2-1. EGCP are another big army although if PIC can hold up against them that would be amazing

Penguins of Madagascar vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been well known for its tournament victories but has recently been falling short. This tournament can see a rise from the RPF to retake the crown and reclaim their title as the best army at tournaments. The Penguins of Madagascar, still fresh out of their revival, enter into this tournament with high hopes for a win. Both armies have hyped this battle up as much as possible and it will come down to the battlefield to decide the winner.

RPF at their Black History Month event

Zomb, Community Comitee: I believe that RPF will sweep all rooms or at the very least 2 of them. They have proven to be formidable in combat many times in the past and present and I don’t see that changing soon

Aubz, Moderator: RPF 3-0 clean sweep

Jojo teri, Top Ten Comittee: I expect RPF to win 3-0 as they are much stronger compared to POM, even tho pom has brought back several vets i dont think they will be a threat to rpf.

Jakob, Youtuber: Even though POM has been beginning growing recently in terms of size, they still don’t compare to an army that’s been around for such a long time, especially one that is a major army and has won many tournaments. Therefore, I think RPF is going to 3-0 POM easily.

Calgo, Community Comittee Head: POM vs. RPF is a curb stomp by RPF 3-0-0, this needs no explanation … its POM.

The community seems to be in agreeance with each other and excited for the major battles this weekend. Who do you think will advance to the semi-finals? Are you excited for this year’s March Madness?

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