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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. In this edition, we will explore the life of Disha, who currently serves as an Executive Producer in Club Penguin Armies.

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Disha discovered armies when she was playing Club Penguin Rewritten in April/May of 2020. She was in the lodge attic playing Find Four before Elp and Rooboo appeared and recruited her into the Help Force. After a month of being with the Helpers, she joined the Silver Empire. Her stay was cut short due to real-life issues, but she eventually returned to the Empire in June 2021. Two months later, on August 12th, she joined the Club Penguin Army Headquarters reporting team. She took the opportunity given to her to show everyone what she could do. After proving her capabilities, she was eventually promoted to Editor in Chief.

In May 2022, the Silver Empire closed down, but before it did, Disha had already made her move. She joined the Water Vikings as Third in Command. From here, she saw many changes take place within the army but tried to help in any way she could. Yet, soon a change would take place outside of the army which saw the whole landscape of armies change. A merging of leagues would soon occur.

Disha at a Water Vikings Event in 2022

Following the merge of CPAHQ and Club Penguin Army Network in July, Disha received the role of Editor in Chief in the newly formed Club Penguin Armies. After acquiring this new role, Disha decided to join the Ice Warriors in October 2022. After she departed from the Vikings to join the Warriors, the Vikings went on to close in November, only to reopen in January. Following their return in February 2023, she returned to the Vikings and worked her way to Leader in Training. She witnessed the Vikings grow massively before retiring in May.

Whilst all of this was going on, Disha worked hard in CPA, proving themselves a great asset to the organisation. On April 24th, 2023, she became an Administrator, serving as an Executive Producer. Since then she has continued to play a vital role in CPA as an Executive Producer.

One of Disha’s Favourite Moments in 2023

It is clear that Disha is dedicated to her role as Executive Producer. With her almost 4 years of experience, she must have many stories to share in and out of armies. Club Penguin Armies reached out to Disha to find out who she is behind the scenes.

Who is Disha behind the scenes?

I am just another person trying to figure out my path in life, and taking each day as it comes. Currently, I am working at a Legal Awareness Centre as a Content Creator, and while I have always liked writing, I never wanted to make a profession out of it. I love reading though, but I have been out of habit for some time. However, I am definitely trying to rebuild it, and other than that, I am learning how to cook and bake and recently started gym. Cinema is one medium that has always fascinated me and one of my all-time favourites is this film envisioned by Satyajit Ray, called “Pather Panchali”. In my free time, I either paint, binge-watch TV shows, explore new films, or listen to music. The current TV show I am binge-watching is Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I am very much into Bollywood songs, mostly retro Bollywood. I absolutely love the colour violet and it’s many shades, and at one point, used to have most of my accessories and clothes by that colour. By nature, I am mostly an introvert, don’t have that many friends, and I prefer my own company or someone I am comfortable with over being surrounded by too many people. Other than that, I love exploring and traveling to places, and have this dream of working in a museum someday or having my own little cafe. Recently, I volunteered at a Play Fair, and it makes me want to work in the Art industry all the more, so I am hoping that everything works out for me!

You previously stated about your interest in writing, did anything influence your love for it?

My father used to write these poems. Just for passing the time, I think that’s where I took it from

What inspired you to take on the responsibility of Executive Producer?

I honestly never imagined that I was capable of being an Admin. I wanted to retire at the beginning of last year, but when Max and Wynn approached me with the offer, I wanted to stay through and learn more through this new experience and responsibility. They both have helped me immensely and I honestly didn’t want to let them down on this, especially when they have always believed in me, something that I am still struggling with. It felt daunting at the beginning, however I was glad when I came to know I wouldn’t be alone on this. Seeing my predecessors and their dedication and hard work to this community really made me want to push myself more and contribute in any way I can. And as of now, I wish to be there for Mchappy and help him to my best abilities.

What was your favourite moment during your time in Club Penguin Armies?

I have made a lot of memories here that I look back on and will always cherish. But if I have to name one – Pride Parade, from last year.

Do you have any aspirations in Club Penguin Armies and/or in real life?

I hope to become financially independent, and be kinder to myself. For the time being, I am setting little goals for myself, something that I can achieve, and want to help myself grow, one step at a time. As for this community, I hope to make it a more inclusive and safe space for everyone, and wish to hear out and act upon all concerns, suggestions, and feedback, past and present that have been brought to us regarding this League. I want people to feel that they belong here, and hope to do to my best in fostering that sense of community whilst I am here. As for my responsibility-oriented goals, I think being an Admin will be my last run here. I am very grateful for all the people I have met through this platform, and the relationships I have built along the way. And, as much as I have enjoyed my time here, I think it’s time for me to move on.

Thank you for the interview! It seems that she is dedicated to keeping Club Penguin Armies alive for the foreseeable future. Her dedication is admirable. From here it seems like Disha will continue to serve alongside Mchappy. But will she ever return to the army scene? What do you think Disha will accomplish? How will she achieve what she aspires to do?

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