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Ah, the classic Club Penguin parties… Those unforgettable celebrations held in the game left a lasting impression on the players’ hearts. Whether due to their lore or overall theme, the parties became a vital component of Club Penguin’s essence.


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Parties were island-wide events that occurred approximately every month on Club Penguin. A party notably changed the appearance of all or certain rooms on the island. During parties, special penguins called ‘mascots’ would visit the island. Moreover, occasionally, stamps could also be attained through the completion of certain activities. Furthermore, most parties offered free items, distributed to all penguins as souvenirs of the event.

Each party had a specific theme, such as music, fairs, medieval, sports, and even holidays. During some of these events, rooms in the game also featured special party music besides decoration. Some parties also displayed special quests and lore! Before 2011, parties typically lasted 3 to 10 days, offering a break before the arrival of the next. However, after that date, parties were extended to 14 to 20 days. By 2016, each party lasted over a month, with a new one beginning as soon as the previous one ended.

Decorated Party Rooms!

In total, 75 parties were held in Club Penguin until its closure. Among numerous parties, it is no easy task to pick a favorite one. Nevertheless, we may remember certain parties with more longing and nostalgia, as they resonated with and impacted us on a more personal level.

Therefore, Club Penguin Armies reached out to some community members, expecting to learn about their favorite parties.

What was your favorite party in Club Penguin? Why is that?

St. Eden, Winged Hussars Monarch: I think it was called Temple of Fruit. Well It’s not because of the actual party itself but I have some pretty fond memories. In England they used to sell these smoothie drinks in the supermarket and they had a code on them to redeem during the festival of fruit, so I vividly remember asking my mum to buy them. Just a fond memory I have tbh, always makes me think of that party.

The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit was a party that started on August 23rd, 2012 and ended on September 5th. The island was decorated with a jungle full of fruits and divided into tribes, each one dominating a place on the island. The party was themed and related to tribes that cultivated fruits, such as bananas, watermelons, apples, and grapes. Each tribe had its base in a specific location on the island and possessed a characteristic fruit.

By that time, Club Penguin had partnered with children’s smoothie company Innocent Smoothies. As a result, the famous mini-game Smoothie Smash made its way into the game.

The Fruit Temple

Lass, Elite Guardians Leader: Tough question, I am between Medieval and Ninja parties. They embody really nice thematics with very nice interactive mini games, especially the ninja ones with the releases of Card Jitsu Fire, Water and Snow.

Medieval Parties are parties themed after the Middle Ages. From 2008 to 2013, six iterations of this party took place. Dressed as knights, the penguins would face several challenges and quests during the parties. From fighting against dragons to completing mazes and casting spells, medieval parties were undoubtedly full of amusement.

Nachos Casually Recruiting in the Medieval Party 2013

The Card-Jitsu Parties only occurred twice: in November/December 2011, and May/June 2013. The first edition featured the inauguration of Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water, in which the whole island was ‘divided’ in half. The left side showcased a fire theme, while the right side showcased a water theme. As for the second edition, it displayed the inauguration of Card-Jitsu Snow with similar decoration, but now snow-themed. In both parties, players were able to play those Card-Jitsu mini-games without defeating the Sensei and becoming ninjas.

Card-Jitsu Party 2011 – Snow Forts

Bryce, Army Community: Adventure Party 2009. Just the one I remember the most. Also it’s the party that led me to riffys tracking chat, which in turn led me to armies.

Adventure Party 2009 was one of the several parties started by Rockhopper, one of the game’s mascots. The captain left in the island countless boxes of plants from other islands he had visited. After some time, they all grew and dominated the island. It was a rather simple party in terms of quests and decoration. However, many remember this party fondly because of it being one of the most classic parties of Club Penguin. Many subsequent editions of the party would take place in the following years.

Tree Forts, an Exclusive Room in the Party

Aubz, Community Committee Head: The puffle party or April Fools!!!! The puffle party was fun because they would decorate rooms based on different puffles personalities. It was fun to like walk around and see all the different rooms. They would also introduce new puffles to unlock sometimes which was always exciting. I also liked that the catalog would be color-coded for each puffle it was my favorite catalog as well. As for April Fools the box dimmesnion is my favorite room on the entire map and I liked that everything was not as it seemed and they would change subtle things to make them a joke!

As Aubz mentioned, the Puffle Parties were very fun, indeed. Each room on the island had decorations after a specific puffle color and personality. In later years, Puffle Parties would introduce new puffles to the game, such as the rainbow puffle, the golden puffle, the dog and cat puffles, etc. There have been eight iterations of this party, from 2009 to 2016, marking it as one of the most traditional. Typically, the mascot Puffle Hander (PH) would visit the island.

Puffle Party 2016 Billboard

April Fools’ Parties, as the name implies, focused on “weirdness” and “wackiness,” often featuring unusual phenomena. Typically, rooms underwent complete transformations. During April Fools’ parties, doors led players to unexpected locations, cardboard boxes exhibited peculiar behavior, and other surprises abound. Usually, the mascot Rookie would visit the island during this party.

April Fool’s Box Dimension

Numerous parties took place in Club Penguin. They readily became a tradition and many players pumped up the hype with their expectations to enjoy their favorite. Now, it is YOUR turn to answer the question: What was YOUR favorite party in Club Penguin? Did you ever play the original game?

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