Comics #14: Where is your Comic, Jonathan?

Welcome to the fourteenth edition of Club Penguin Armies Comics! In this comic, cartoonist Jonathan takes a humorous and ironic stance to explain his own situation when someone asks him for the comic that he was supposed to work on for them.

CPA Comic

In this comic, Edu14463, who manages the Comics section of Club Penguin Armies, is shown to approach Jonathan, asking him about his latest work, and whether he has it ready. Before Jonathan can get away with the excuse of being too busy to draw, Spotty comes into the frame, with Jonathan’s drawing of her, thanking him for his work. The final frame shows Edu being visibly upset and Jonathan feeling awkward yet owning up to his mistake for not being honest earlier.

Drawn by Jonathan

Did you enjoy this week’s comic? What are your thoughts on the Cartoonists’ situation being portrayed in their Comics? What do you want to see here in CPA Comics?

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