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Welcome back to Army Front, the column in which we dive into the achievements of this week’s standout army. This week, we are delving into the Winged Hussars’ internal dynamics as a recently returned Small/Medium army.

Army Front

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The Winged Hussars were founded on January 6th, 2019, by Ripmam, Dagyr3, Snork, Phil, and Shinzo. The army rose as a rebellious movement of former Templars High Command officers, who were discontent with the army’s administration back then. Originally branded The Holy Army of Jerusalem, they changed their name to reference the real-life Polish-Lithuanian cavalry after three days. Realizing the rebellion would deal damage to his empire, Emperor Xing declared war on the newly-born Hussars, that being the first war of that year. Thanks to the assistance of the Elite Guardians and the New Viking Alliance, the Hussars were able to finally achieve their independence.

Army Front WH

NVA Raid On Templars

Following the next months, the Winged Hussars saw improvements within their army structure. Soon, they would be reaching average sizes of 6-10, the standard for the S/M community at the time. Even though they were a small army in size, the Hussars proved themselves to be a huge army in morality and courage. The Hussars faced armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Wild Ninjas on the battlefield during the Club Penguin Armies: The Game server map race, even though they were not victorious. Among their servers, they declared Frostbite as their capital. As a consequence of their efforts, the Winged Hussars managed to secure first place in the Club Penguin Armies Top Ten in May 2019, a commendable feat for an S/M Army.

Just like in many armies in the community in late 2019, activity started to dissipate within the Hussars. Therefore, the remaining leader of the army, Snork, officially announced the army’s shutdown, which took place on November 22nd. However, even though the army itself closed, a merge happened and many members, including Snork, went to the Pretzels.

Army Front WH

A Winged Hussars Event in 2019

After a three-year hiatus, Shinzo, one of the army’s founders, returned to the community in October 2023. He was aiming to create a new army called International Penguin’s Confederation. However, Shinzo was able to reach out to Ripmam and formalize the revival of the Hussars. Thus, the second generation of the Winged Hussars was formed under the leadership of Ripmam, Shinzo, Saint Eden, and Shiden. As of November 2023, they started to hold successful recruitment events on New Club Penguin. Impressively, they managed to quickly grow their sizes to an average of 5-8. A few days later, they successfully held their official registration event, achieving a size of 12 penguins, without allies. Therefore, the Hussars officially registered on December 17th, 2023.

After a month of their comeback, the Hussars have been showcasing an impressive performance, topping well-consolidated S/M Armies in recent Top Ten Armies editions. In their most recent event, they managed to achieve an astounding max size of 19 penguins, an incredible milestone for the army. Most recently, the Hussars declared the United Front Alliance as enemies, in the urge to defend the Elite Guardians, their allies. Supporting EGCP during the Christmas Crusade, WH played a big role in the Guardians’ success in the war. Now that the Crusade is over, the People’s Imperial Confederation issued a no-allies war declaration against them. As of now, it is unclear whether the army will put up a fight or not.

Army Front WH

WH Reopening Event

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Shinzo, Winged Hussars founder and leader, to understand his perspectives on how it is to lead an army like WH. He was also asked to provide some of his prospects for the future.

How is it to lead WH? It’s really a joy. I don’t think there are many more words that would describe it appropriately. I have met so many wonderful people through the WH and reconnected with so many of my old friends and companions who I never thought I’d see again. Working together and reconnecting with Ripmam and Eden, as well as Snork and Takoz and so many other old and new friends – not only within the WH but also outside – simply makes me happy. I know that this is the right place for me, alongside all those people who I can call very good friends.

How we managed to ressurect the army and get it on the right track in little time? Time, work and cooperation. Without my dear friends Ripmam and Eden and all the wonderful Members of the WH, this wouldn’t have been possible. We’ve all given our best, worked together and never given up. We’ve not lost the spirit of the Winged Hussars and the democratic factors that make up its government, as well as the unbeatable spirit that we all bear within our hearts. And everyone who’s part of the WH is part of one big family. The sole reason we see the WH where it is right now is the time, work and effort every single Hussar has put into the army and I am incredibly proud of all of them. We all are. We all simply worked very hard for this and we will continue to do so evermore and strive for greatness!

The only plans in CPA I have for myself are the plans for the WH as a whole. And I think that I speak for the entirety of the WH when I say that our plans are to see ourselves be victorious and continue with our mission of cooperation and democracy. Establishing a community for everyone to enjoy and a family to bond with. A strong army with great cooperation, united by friendship and brotherhood. Cooperating with our allies and all those lovely people we have come to meet among ourselves and elsewhere. The WH shall prevail and we shall sore high above the clouds – fueled by the efforts and friendship that connect all of us.

Undoubtedly, the Hussars’ legacy speaks volumes and their bravery knows no bounds. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish them the very best of luck in their endeavors and plans. Certainly, the impact the Hussars are playing in the S/M community is already visible through their discipline and hard work. Do you think we will see the Winged Hussars rising to major status soon?

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