HCOM Life Stories: Chicken, Coup Crusaders Leader in Training

Welcome back to HCOM Life Stories, the column where we shine a light on the often underappreciated high command of the community. This week, we sit down with Chicken, a Coup Crusaders Leader-in-Training.

Chicken began their journey recently, joining Tormentors in August 2023. As a troop, they stayed loyal to Toxic Storm and Ninja Leader, joining their move to Coup Crusaders where they have been ever since. Chicken’s abilities have been instrumental in the recent success of the army in tournaments such as Double Deck The Halls, and their recent war with Elite Guardians.

Coup Crusaders, established in mid-2020, has always been a dominant small/medium army. In their time, they have defeated armies such as the Pizza Federation and the Os Mascarados Army. They also beat the Army in Club Penguin in a sled race, highlighting their innovative tactics. In 2020, the army moved to colonise under the Ice Warriors where they reached record sizes. Unfortunately, not long after the army closed down due to disputes with the Warriors.

Mid-2020: A battle between Coup Crusaders and Water Vikings

In 2023, the army relaunched with Toxic Storm at the helm. In their opening event, they reached sizes of 11. Soon after, Da Best joined the leadership but quickly left. Currently, the Coup Crusaders are competing in the Holiday Crusade against the Elite Guardians, losing a battle just yesterday.

5 August, 2023: EGCP invading Coup Crusaders (no show)

Club Penguin Armies approached Chicken for an interview to see their insight into their journey as a High Command.

Do you have any memorable moments from your relatively short time in armies?

hmm well I do remember when we had the Double Deck the Halls battle that was my first major event attending.

What do you like the most about Coup Crusaders?

Well I really like the people there, they’re all nice to everyone and lots of fun to be around. I do love the events too but the people are just lovely.

Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish in 2024? Either in Coup Crusaders or the wider army community.

I honestly don’t have many goals although I really wanna see the army grow and make some friends along the way

What would you say to someone looking to rank up to HCOM in Coup Crusaders?

I would say if you work hard you’ll eventually get there and good luck to whoever wants to we’re open to meet new people

Chicken is a very positive individual with a passion for their army – something we could all learn from! They mention their goal to continue growing their army. Could Chicken be the key to Coup Crusaders reaching major? Club Penguin Armies wishes Chicken the best of luck with their training, and perhaps we’ll see them in the leadership position soon!

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