Club Penguin Armies Person Of The Year 2023

2023 is now a few days gone but there is still much to celebrate. Club Penguin Armies administration are proud to finally announce the Person of the Year 2023.

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Person of the Year has become a staple award in our community. Last year, the community witnessed the first ever two time Person of the Year, Xing, since the title’s conception in 2012. In the over ten years this title was created, we’ve seen personalities like Badboy and Crazzy win. Nonetheless, the beauty of this title is that it can truly be anyone. Although it coincides with the legends inductions, the winner of Person of the Year is not always a legend. In fact, someone could earn the title of Person of the Year through either negatively or positively impacting the community. This title is for the person that everyone has been talking about all year. Let’s hope that doesn’t inspire any of you to enter your reputation era.

As is tradition, before we get to the plaques of the runner-ups and winner, we would like to take this time to shout out those that deserve a honorable mention for making this year a great one. If we could, we would put as many names here as we could as you all truly made this an amazing year. Nonetheless, congratulations to Edu14463 for his work as an Elite Guardians advisor, and Mare and Spotty on their work in Club Penguin Army Judges. Now, without further ado, we present to you the Club Penguin Armies 2023 Person of the Year.

The runner-ups have been ordered alphabetically.

Dino: Runner-up

The Young Historian

From humble beginnings in Rebel Penguin Federation, to Viking Commander of the Water Vikings, Dino’s army career has been one of unflinching determination. The Vikings reopened in January and charged forward in a journey of just that, unflinching determination. Shortly after leading the Vikings to the number one spot on the Top Ten for the first time since 2016, a placement they would hold five more times in the year and scoring the highest score for the entire year, he revived a once dominant AUSIA force and leading them all the way to the AUSIA Arena Grand Finals. It was under his guidance that led the Blue Sunset Alliance to a 32-0 victory over the Sapphire Concordat, a feat that will most likely never be accomplished again.

Through the trials and tribulations of his army that would follow after the loss in Legends Cup XIII, Dino kept on pushing forward in times where it would’ve been easier to just throw in the towel. It was because of this the Water Vikings were able to fight off from falling from grace into the small-medium bracket and it was also through his unflinching determination that a mere three months later the Vikings would be crowned Christmas Chaos XIII Champions, capturing the armies first bonafide premier army tournament. Dino did all of this whilst juggling duties as Wiki administrator and head of the Top Ten Committee. Dino’s determination is unparalleled and he is truly one of the best that this community has.

~Aaronstone42, former Water Vikings Commander

Legoman: Runner-up

The Duke of Infamy

Not many people can claim that they have been a two time Person of the Year (POTY) finalist. Despite joining the community so recently, Legoman’s community impact stretches wide and significant as he finds himself on this list successive years, arguably having a greater influence this year than the year prior.

Legoman joined the community in March 2020 as a troop in Dark Warriors. Shortly afterward, Legoman decided to leave Dark Warriors and try different armies, but his most notable one was Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). Legoman first joined SWAT in 2020 as a Private and quickly ranked up the ladders. His outstanding contributions led him to achieve the prestigious position of leader in February 2021, earning the title of the 71st SWAT Commander. Since then, he has had multiple tenures serving as leader, becoming the primary figurehead of SWAT post the departures of many of their legends.

Under Legoman’s leadership, SWAT made a strong comeback and quickly reached major status with consistent sizes hitting 40-45. Legoman’s dedication and passion, especially his impressive recruiting skills, played a crucial role. Thanks to his efforts, SWAT claimed the number one spot on the Top Ten rankings in April 2023, reaching heights not seen since 2015 within the army. An army once plagued with inconsistencies throughout the private server era now reached the pinnacle of achievements.

But even with all the success, his name is surrounded with many controversies. As talented as he was in bringing SWAT up, his decision making and actions is what ultimately led to his downfall. Prior to 2023, his list of controversies are quite impressive and we can sit here all day going over each one in detail. The beginning of the year began with him releasing an apology post going over many of his past mistakes, including taking accountability for certain situations. However, despite that, he still found himself drowned with controversy after controversy this year.

His most notable conflict was in the Beach Brawl II finals where he allegedly attempted to get People’s Imperial Confederation disqualified. He led SWAT into seven separate wars this year, with the biggest being World War IX. Following this war, Legoman’s past caught up to him as many of his previous allies declared war on them. Left without any significant allies, this ultimately led to his departure soon after.

Overall, Legoman’s year was shrouded in success and controversy. You can say for every major accomplishment, it was coupled with a major controversy. His determination to bring the best possible for SWAT is undeniable, however the methods of obtaining success is something that will always be questioned with him. He is a polarizing character that was the direct catalyst of many of the most important conflicts this year and for that, he has been nominated a runner-up for the 2023 Person of the Year.

~Mare, former Special Weapons and Tactics Commander

Wynn: Runner-up

The Wynn of Change


Wynn was recruited into Help Force in 2020 and thus began her career as one of the most influential commanders Help Force has ever seen. She rose to prominence in early 2021 as a dedicated staff member and climbed the ladder, surpassing her fellow staff in promotions as she reached second-in-command by summer and leader by winter. She, along with Snowy, led Help Force through multiple tournaments in short succession just after they took commandership. Together they reached the Grand Finals of March Madness and brought Help Force up to see its former glory on the top ten leaderboard. After her retirement from leadership, Wynn didn’t rest but continued on to a flourishing career in Club Penguin Armies media.

From there, her presence in the community became only more important. Following her rise to administrator at the beginning of the year, Wynn was stuck with tough choices to make. In one of the most chaotic months the community has ever seen, Wynn was the foundation that was unshakeable. Wynn’s tough choices of ousting not only one but two, both of her co-administrators, from the administration ushered in an era of stability for Club Penguin Armies. Without Wynn, the community could have potentially collapsed in on itself, moving on to the next “promised lands.”

After the removal of the two administrators in March 2023, Wynn continued on like a powerhouse: she made executive decisions that benefitted the organization’s growth, leading to the website having its most active month ever in June 2023. The activity seen that month has yet to be replicated. Finally, leading into her final days as administrator, she set the organization up for her new fellow co-admins, Disha and Mchappy, to succeed. Now, she looks over as a close advisor, watching the months of hard work come into fruition as Club Penguin Armies continues into its next era without her. In her ten months at Club Penguin Armies, she has proven once more that administrators can be trusted as being the voice of reason, and leading the community to greater heights.

~Mchappy, Chief Executive Producer and Snowy, former Help Force leader

Calgocubs21: Winner

The Clover Conqueror

Often veterans take center stage when it comes to being in the public eye. They are not scared of voicing their opinions no matter how big or controversial they may be. However, they don’t get recognized for these opinions, they are often recognized for their outspoken nature alongside their activity within the community. Calgocubs21 is one of these active army veterans.

He started his journey within the community in 2006 with none other than the Army of Club Penguin (ACP). Despite starting their journey very early on in the community, they didn’t quite make the mark they would’ve liked to. He went on to join many notable armies during his time, such as the Fire Warriors and Nachos. However, in 2010, they opted for a different journey and led the Guards. In 2011, Calgocubs21 left the community and he wouldn’t return for a decade, making his return to the Army of Club Penguin in 2021. It was clear to see that he had goals beyond anyone’s expectations, both for himself and the army.

He showed grit and determination to work his way up through the army ranks, going unnoticed by some. But, 2022 proved to be a career-defining year as he earned the role of Commander in Chief. Before earning the role, ACP was in a depression with maxes lower than 20 on most occasions. Calgocubs21 was pushed to the breaking point, yet December changed everything for him and ACP. A war with SWAT enabled Calgocubs21 to unleash the beast within the army, leading on to 2023.

After the war, Calgocubs21’s confidence increased and this was evident. Whilst he was heavily present throughout the latter half of 2022, 2023 saw Calgocubs21 become the face of armies. He made sure that his presence was felt and his voice was heard, whilst increasing his goals for the army with every passing month. He went from leading a fallen giant to reviving the goliath of an army, making sure each and every decision that he made benefitted the army hugely. This was proven by the amount of land ACP gained, the boost in confidence, and the wars that they fought in. From fighting battles with SWAT to becoming a major army within World War IX, Calgocubs21 has proved the impact he has had on the army. He tried to spearhead many ideas and changes within Club Penguin Armies, making sure that the voices of leaders were heard and respected.

With each passing day, he made sure he revived the Army Board with his persistence. Calgocubs21 ended the year with a Legends Cup XIII trophy, an award for being the best community committee member, and an astonishing amount of accomplishments within ACP, breaking records left and right. He was also able to achieve the Medal of Honor, ACP’s highest honor. Despite his retirement only a couple of months ago, he has proved that he will not just disappear from the community, even earning Community Committee Head. He remains a massive part of Club Penguin Armies, a big voice for those without a voice throughout the community. He even became a figurehead of the Christmas Crusade war alongside Xing, making his voice heard and making a big impact after the war declaration. It is clear why Calgocubs21 is the Person of the Year after having a massive impact within the community and his own army. Without him, many of the wars which we have seen this year may not have happened at all.

~Coolguy, Army of Club Penguin Commander in Chief

Thus, Club Penguin Armies can finally close the chapter that is 2023. This year, the process of Person of the Year was decided by the administration in tandem with the advisors. While we admit choosing our winner was easy, it took many days to finalize just exactly who else captivated the community enough to earn themselves recognitions. Although 2023 began with some dark times, we believe that we are ending this year as one of the strongest, unified leagues to exist. We cannot wait to see what 2024 has in store for us. Once again, happy New Year to all of our community members. Furthermore, I would like to thank Dino for Person of the Year graphics that he continues to beautifully supply us.

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