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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. This time, we will look into the life of Mchappy who currently serves as a Club Penguin Armies Administrator and a Judge.

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Mchappy started their journey on Club Penguin in early 2008. They were a new player to the game but they soon came across an army in spring.  This army was the Fort Ghost Recon army. Before discovering their army, he often played the game with Wsd09, whom he met in-game. However, he did not know that Wsd09 was in an army until he was recruited by him and Soccerpr. Despite his friend being in the army, Mchappy’s interest soon waned, leading him to leave the army.

During the winter break, Mchappy recalled his time in armies and searched to see if any armies were still around. After a quick Google search, he went on to find the Army of Club Penguin. He officially joined the army on December 20th (2008). As he made his way into the new year, his momentum only grew. He became more interested and more motivated to climb the ranks in the army.

A couple of years went by and Mchappy had certainly impressed. In December 2010, he was made Temporary Leader by Bobcatboy10. At the time of his temporary promotion, there were rumbles of a rebellion starting from the inner ranks. Not only this, but Bobcat was having computer troubles so could not fulfil his duties. Therefore, he provided Mchappy with the chance, not only to step in but to prove himself as a capable leader.

Thus, Mchappy proved himself, leading his army to success in the Holiday Smackdown tournament. Soon after this, Bobcat went on to announce his retirement, announcing Mchappy as the newest, and 19th, leader. Not holding anything back, Mchappy soon made his stamp on the army, declaring war on the Ice Warriors.

IW vs ACP in 2011

On January 1st 2011, ACP and IW clashed while both of them were on Mammoth. At the time, Mammoth was ACP’s server but Bobcat had previously allowed them to use it as long as they respected ACP as the owners of it. After Mchappy asked them to leave, they refused, leading him to declare war. However, soon after, IW was said to have dropped out of the war, remaining neutral. Therefore, Mchappy gained his first war “win”. However, the war carried on (with allies helping) between ACP and the Night Warriors.

Despite the war carrying on between ACP, NW and allies, ACP didn’t declare war on them until January 16th. Yet, when they did declare, they quickly put a stop to the war, admitting it had gotten out of hand. Within the first month of his leadership alone, he managed to max up to 100 troops during the Klondike March. It is clear to see that Mchappy was passionate and had a good impact on the army. Alongside this, he helped them keep their place at the top of the Top Tens often.

Even with the success they had, Mchappy decided to step down on March 26th. However, he quickly reversed his decision, re-entering the army as a High Commanding member under Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000. This wasn’t the last time that Mchappy would be seen as an ACP leader either. He went on to become ACP’s joint 21st Leader in July 2012 and as well as the 27th Leader in April 2013.

ACP securing Snow Fort in August 2012

Mchappy dedicated a huge portion of his life to the Army of Club Penguin, helping them to be successful. He was also inducted as a 2011 Army Legend alongside Kenneth and Flipper.

He was not just known for his time in ACP though, he was also a part of the media. Because of the amount of ACP-associated members in the media, Mchappy found it easy to break into it. He joined the Club Penguin Army Central team multiple times to help them out. Because of their faith in him, when they announced a new media branch CP Army World Media, they trusted him to help build Small Medium Army Press in 2014.

Upon asking Mchappy about his favourite moment in armies, he mentioned the CPAC Holiday Smackdown, hosted in 2010. As previously mentioned, he was the temporary leader at the time. He also mentioned that during the battle they maxed approximately 135 penguins. This is a truly astonishing amount. Unfortunately, the pictures from this battle are lost in time. Another event he did enjoy though was when ACP fought the Nachos for the server Cloudy in July 2012.

A picture from the battle for Cloudy

In September 2019, Mchappy saw the opportunity to bring ACP back and took it. The rest is history as the ACP we all know and love today started to grow once more. He took his leave from ACP in April 2023, relinquishing his position as an advisor and any power he held within the army. He left as a two-time Medal of Honor holder and one of the most decorated veterans of all time.

Now, Mchappy is serving Club Penguin Armies as an Administrator as well as a Judge. He was first promoted to admin (Executive Producer) on April 23rd 2023. He went on to work alongside Disha and Wynn for the betterment of the organisation. His work in the organisation led to his promotion to Chief Executive Producer in August. He has been serving as a CEP ever since.

Outside of armies, Mchappy is very active in the real world. He is currently studying for a degree in Korean and spends a lot of time studying and writing essays. He is also a gamer whose favourite game series is Final Fantasy. Before he started to play Club Penguin, gaming was one of his hobbies. He first discovered Final Fantasy after watching someone play it in real life. However, his first PlayStation 2 game was Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts has a lot of Final Fantasy characters within its game series. Therefore, Mchappy soon wandered upon the game series himself. Outside of gaming, he also is a huge gymnastics nerd, keeping interested and up to date. One of his favourite movies is She’s The Man, starring Amanda Bynes. It also stars many other reputable names like Channing Tatum and Vinnie Jones. The movie centres around a girl who pretends to be male to be able to play on their soccer team. The movie is just one of the films that Mchappy rates highly. It could be a good watch for those who have not yet watched it.

It seems like we got to know a lot about Mchappy. From being an army leader to the person underneath all of that. But is there still more that we are unaware of? Club Penguin Armies approached Mchappy to find out who he is behind the scenes.

Who is Mchappy behind the scenes and outside of CPA?

I am a Leo to the T. When I’m not running around Discord bothering people to get projects done, I am working on some other goal or passion project of mine. Legacy is something that is very important to me so I strive to be the best person I can be, make a lot of memories and foster the relationships around me.

You first stumbled upon the community in 2008, but what’s kept you here this long?

Again, legacy is something really important to me (even though I wasn’t able to identify it as that as a kid); therefore, I saw something really cool that had already a couple years of history once I joined, and I just wanted to contribute to that anyway I could!

Of course, I met a lot of amazing, wonderful people that really became my support system as I was growing up, so overall, it has always been about fostering a community that we can fondly look back on and be proud about

Within the community, you have been unapologetically yourself. Has your time in armies helped you, in any way, in real life?

In some way, it probably has. I use to really regret the amount of time I put into armies and resonated it, but now I think that armies really molded me into a strongheaded individual; I’m able to engage and think critically moreso now, and I got a killer reaction time with my humor.

If any year “helped me” the most, it would’ve been 2021. I learned a lot about how to deal with situations and have been applying a new form of patience that I think has really helped me in all aspects of my life.

You said that Final Fantasy was your favourite game series but if you had to pick just one of them, which would it be and why?

SO TOUGH! I play Final Fantasy XIV the most because it is a MMO, but the game that really solidified my love for the franchise was Final Fantasy XIII. It was the first one I really picked up seriously.

Has your interest in gymnastics ever led to you wanting to pursue a career in it?

LOL no, just a fan

What does the future hold for you, inside or outside of CPA?

The future holds so much for me as 2024 is my transformative year. I will be leaving armies for good soon and focusing on my life, finally blossoming into the life I have worked hard for!

Thank you Mchappy for allowing us to interview you! It has been amazing getting to know the person behind the screen and also his history in armies. Mchappy’s history shows his dedication towards ACP and the wider community. While Mchappy is now the head of CPA, his past achievements and contributions will remain in the history books.

Do you think that Mchappy is one of the greatest leaders in armies? Will he surprise us all and continue to serve CPA throughout 2024? Was there anything that you learned about Mchappy in this post?

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Mchappy is interning at Club Penguin Armies as the Chief Executive Producer. Max held him at gunpoint to finish his biography.

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