Battle Report: The First Battle Of The Christmas Crusade

On Wednesday, the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin and the Penguins of Madagascar fought in the first battle of the Christmas Crusade. This battle was the first of many to come in the Christmas Crusade war.

Designed by Wynn

On December 22nd, the Army of Club Penguin, Templars, Coup Crusaders, and People’s Imperial Confederation declared war on the Elite Guardians. One day after the declaration, the Penguins of Madagascar broke their alliance with the Guardians, deciding to join the war against their former ally. Two invasions occurred in the following days, with the Guardians not showing up to either of them. This was until December 27th, when the Elite Guardians faced the Penguins of Madagascar in a 30-minute battle. With the United Front Alliance aiming for their third victory in the war, this was set to be an intense battle.

Cove: Elite Guardians of Club Penguin

Penguins of Madagascar countering the Elite Guardians’ size advantage

The first room was the Cove, with the Elite Guardians having a size advantage of 12-14. The Guardians used their size advantage to cover the room, using formations such as the sideways anchor to prevent the Penguins of Madagascar from being seen. Halfway through the room, POM decided to nullify their size disadvantage by choosing formations that aligned with the Guardians’ formations. This made the size difference much less apparent as both sides blended together. POM’s nullification strategy proved successful as it showcased the rustiness of the Guardians. Despite this, the Elite Guardians claimed victory in the first room due to their overwhelming size advantage.

Inside Mine: Tie

Penguins of Madagascar continue to counter the Elite Guardians’ size advantage

The Penguins of Madagascar continued using the same tactics to counter the Elite Guardians’ size advantage, combining forms with the Guardians to make the size difference appear smaller. The Guardians maintained an 8-10 troop advantage; however, POM managed to hold steady for the first few minutes. Around 5 minutes into the room, POM took control with a triangle formation. This allowed them to cover the Elite Guardians for the next few minutes. In the last few minutes, POM attempted to surround the Guardians. However, this was unsuccessful and the Guardians managed to dominate POM during the last part of the room. This resulted in a tie as both armies controlled the room at different times.

Snow Forts: Elite Guardians of Club Penguin

Elite Guardians covering the room

The Elite Guardians entered the third room first, managing to get into formation long before POM got into their V formation. The Penguins of Madagascar were uncoordinated, allowing the Guardians to easily cover them. Moreover, the Guardians increased in size during this room, making the already large size difference even larger. As a result, the Elite Guardians managed to claim victory in the third room, making them the victors of this battle.

The judges’ verdict

This battle marked the first victory of the Elite Guardians in the Christmas Crusade war, bringing the war score to 2-1 in favour of the United Front Alliance. The battle showcased the ways that an army can nullify a size disadvantage to have a fighting chance against a bigger army. The battle also showed the importance of fast and organised troops which was what allowed POM to cover the Guardians in the second room. This was an excellent showdown between two warring forces. What will future battles in the war look like? Who will end up winning the war? Comment below with your thoughts!

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