Behind The Scenes Special Edition: Xing

Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. This edition of the column will be a special edition as we will be sitting down with one of the most famous yet controversial army leaders in the community, Xing.

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Xing, aka Pikachu624, first began playing Club Penguin in 2008, before he joined the Army of Club Penguin in 2013. He was an inspired troop and would grow interested in joining all their events, especially AUSIA. Xing’s aspiration encouraged him to climb the ranks in ACP and learn more about the army community before he moved on to the Rebel Penguin Federation. However, he quickly left the Rebels to join the Light TroopsIn LT he was able to rank up to Fourth-in-Command. Along the way, he was able to participate in many invigorating wars and tournaments. This was only the start of his journey as, in 2016, Xing bid farewell to the army, paving the way for something much bigger.

Between 2017 and 2018, Xing created many armies such as the Red Comrades, which would see many successful generations. The most well-known army he created, which continues to perform well to this day, is the Templars. This army, despite its humble beginnings, would become a powerhouse as it fought in many wars and legendary tournaments. Xing’s love for the art of war led him to declare war on several armies, starting World War VII, and create the Red Dawn Alliance as they fought and defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Red Dawn Alliance in World War VII.

Under Xing’s leadership, Templars witnessed multiple shutdowns and revivals up until October 2018. During this time, the Rebel Penguin Federation faced a temporary shutdown which saw the Templars rise and become dominant within the community. This dominance was short-lived as the New Viking Alliance, consisting of several powerful armies, conquered them. Xing’s persistence in resurrecting the Templars led to their resurgence and made them a powerful influence, once more.

Despite this, the Templars went on to experience a wave of instability for the next few years. Eventually, Xing would bring the Templars back to the top with huge developments and goals. In 2022, Templars saw massive success as they dominated the Top Tens for 49 weeks, breaking the record for the longest reign in first place. Alongside this, they performed outstandingly in the 2022 Legends Cup, which saw them go on to win the entire tournament. This made them the first army created in the CPPS era to win the tournament.

Legends Cup 2022 final between the Templars and Water Vikings.

TCP vs WV – Legends Cup XII Grand Finals

After his golden generation with the Templars, Xing announced his retirement on January 1st, 2023. In an interview, he went on to say that he accomplished everything that wanted to do.

I feel that everything that’s needed to be accomplished for my army [Templars] has been done. There is no need for me to continue any longer as I’ve done everything already. The new leaders will make names for themselves and win even more without me.

He was able to be honored as the Person of the Year twice and is currently the only ever person who’s won the award more than once. Today, Xing helps Templars as an Advisor to oversee and guide the army in their fight for glory, such as the recently declared war against EGCP.

Templars’ recent invasion on Elite Guardians.

Outside of armies, Xing has a keen interest in his studies. Currently, he is working on multiple internships for law school and intends to study for the Law School Admission Test this upcoming summer. He also often goes to the gym and enjoys training. As well as this, he enjoys football. Xing is also a die-hard fan of Dave’s music and listens to him all the time.

Xing is currently planning on buying himself a new car, eyeing up an Audi and a Mercedes-AMG c63. His interest in and knowledge of cars will help to make him make an informed decision in the future. Outside of all that, video games are one of the many things he enjoys a lot and his current favorite game is Battlefield 1, as you can see often on his Discord profile.

As seen from his character, Xing is quite an undisclosed person online. To learn more about him, Club Penguin Armies approached them for an interview.

Who is Xing behind the scenes?

I’m in college so there isn’t much behind the scenes work that I do. Everything to do with Templars is Dawn’s decision, I just make sure that the army is continuing to grow in new ways.

Where did you get the idea of the name ‘Xing’?

I looked at the crossroad sign and saw the word Xing and made it my username.

How would you describe your personality?


You mentioned before that you already achieved everything you wanted to with Templars. Do you think you could’ve done more if you haven’t had retired?

I accomplished all of my goals before retirement

Do you have any particular regrets you’ve had as a leader or after you retired?

I don’t really regret anything that I’ve done given I can’t change the past but I’m proud of my army

We’ve noticed you like to use a lot of motivational quotes. What is your favorite quote?

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

Could we see a return of Xing in the near future?


It seems Xing doesn’t plan on coming back to the community anytime soon, due to his real-life responsibilities. Xing was a great example of a leader, as a lot of Templars troops looked up to him. His leadership skills and the successful records he set in his time inspired many people in the community and still do today. It was an honor to speak with Xing to further discover who he is behind the scenes. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish him great luck for his future. Do you think we will see Xing make a comeback in 2024? What have been your favorite memories with him?

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