Special Report: New evidence regarding EGCP and CPAvalanche

Recently, some information was brought to light regarding EGCP and the CPPS Club Penguin Avalanche, more specifically, their inappropriate partnership that resulted into the Top Ten being delayed this past week.  Due to the holiday schedule, the Top Ten Heads and administration needed some time to discuss the findings and we bring you our statement now.

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Previous History

This isn’t the first time the Guardians have found themselves in this position.  Earlier this year, another report found that EGCP was using CPAvalanche as a way to promote and advertise their events and server, going as far as organizing a Card Jitsu Tournament in which CPAvalanche rewarded an exclusive item to the winner of said tournament.  The concern at the time was not the advertising itself, as that is not uncommon for armies to advertise their servers/events to different CPPSs, but rather the level of encouragement/lack of moderation from CPAvalanche itself, showing a collaboration between the two.  At the time, their CPAvalanche events of that week were voided, and a x0.6 multiplier was applied for their CPAvalanche events for 3 weeks. You can read the full report of that incident, here, that also mentions previous run-ins of EGCP with Top Ten issues.

Current Issue

Since the previous incident, things have been completely uneventful regarding EGCP and Top Ten.  Recently however, we discovered that not only the collaboration between EGCP and CPAvalanche is still occurring, but it goes even deeper than before.  It was brought to the Top Ten’s attention, that EGCP is still benefiting from CPAvalance, through the means of item codes.  CPAvalanche gave a code to EGCP that allows any user that uses it to unlock the EGCP uniform.  The code itself is also named after the Elite Guardians, and it was included in a post published by the army last month, that listed all the new and active codes on Club Penguin Avalanche and at the time of this report, the post is still up.

Picture taken from EGCP website on 27/12/2023

The Top Ten Heads investigated this and confirmed that the code is in fact still working and is available to the public, as seen by a video below.


Action Taken

The administration and Top Ten committee strive to be as fair as possible, but also to ensure that all armies are given the same opportunities.  We have come to the agreement that EGCP is once again, unfairly benefiting from a CPPS, in ways that other armies aren’t able to and as mentioned in the previous post, we cannot condone nor allow such actions to take place.

Therefore a 0.6 size multiplier will be applied to ALL events that EGCP holds for the next 4 weeks.  This is includes but is not limited to Club Penguin Avalanche, Club Penguin Army Battleground or any CPPS they choose to use for their events.

Closing Statement

We are aware that measurements like this can be called unfair or too severe.  However, EGCP has had far too many incidents for us to not take even further action than we already have. Like mentioned above, our aim and goal here is for every army to be equal and be presented with the same opportunities as it’s the only way to have a fair community and league.

We are never happy to apply any punishments or restrictions against armies, nor we are happy when any evidence of misconduct is discovered.   But we must do what is necessary to ensure fairness for everyone in the community.  Thank you for being understanding and patient until this announcement was made.

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