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Welcome back to Army Front, the column in which we dive into the achievements of this week’s standout army. This week, we sought to understand the dynamics within the Coup Crusaders, a well-known Small/Medium army.

Army Front CC

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The Coup Crusaders were formed on May 13th, 2020, by Catalyst, Olimad3, Toxic Storm, and S/M Army Legend Earthing. Surprisingly, for many, the Crusaders began as a meme army within the Army of Club Penguin. The first generation of the army saw great successes, such as winning their first practice battle, against the Pizza Federation, as well as defeating the Angels and Os Mascarados in Challengers Cup I. However, after tensions with ACP and the Lime Green Army, the Crusaders eventually colonized under the Ice Warriors

Controversies surrounding Toxic Storm soon became apparent, sadly leading to his removal from the army’s leadership. In addition, the end of the Coup Crusaders colonization was followed by a rebrand. It was time to introduce the Crystal Cowboys. After some deliberations, former leader Coolguy spearheaded a move to colonize the army under the Doritos. Despite several attempts to keep the army alive, the Crusaders met their closure not so long after that.

Coup Crusaders in their Opening Event

Nevertheless, after three years of hiatus, Toxic Storm officially reopened Coup Crusaders on October 14th, 2023, after a successful reopening event where the army maxed a total of 11 penguins online. Since it arrived in Club Penguin Armies, the army has been acquiring good placements in the weekly Top Ten, even above well-established S/M armies.

Most recently, the Crusaders attained their very first tournament victory, alongside their now-allies Rebel Penguin Federation, in Double Deck the Halls II. Right after the victory, Toxic Storm officially inducted Da Best as the second leader of the army’s second generation. 

CC & RPF vs. ACP & PIC in DDTH2

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Toxic Storm to learn how leading a prominent S/M army like Coup Crusaders is.

The Coup Crusaders has been through a lot ups and downs. This army has grown into having its own identity, similar or better to the time before the IW colonization in 2020. It can be said that in 2023 the army although an S/M, has actually won its first tournament being Deck the Halls II. This win helped the army have great moral and power to keep pushing forward. It is great that CC has returned one more time to prove to the community that it can do great things and it will soon enough grow into a great example that every S/M should follow. Coup Crusaders is the future of the S/M army scene, and it should not be underestimated

Undoubtedly, the Small/Medium army community faces a series of struggles and it is no easy task to raise an army under such circumstances. Needless to say, the Coup Crusaders are, week after week, proving themselves to be an S/M army of value. We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish him and his army the very best of luck. Which army do YOU want to see on the next Army Front? Do you think we will see the Coup Crusaders thriving anytime soon?

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