HCOM Life Stories: Ella from Rebel Penguin Federation

Welcome to the 30th edition of the “Higher Command Life Stories” column. In this week’s edition, we will be diving into Ella’s army history and seeing how they became a HCOM member of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

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Ella joined the army community in January 2022. One of Ella’s friends was a part of the Rebel Penguin Federation at the time, and it was through her friend that she was able to learn more about the army. Of course, she went on to join the army, uniting with her friend. Since then, she has stayed loyal to RPF, never leaving the army. With much dedication and motivation, she was able to climb the ranks at a steady pace to get to where she is today.

Despite being new to the community, Ella did not let her lack of experience stop her. She soon learned about Club Penguin armies and what they are as well as what RPF does. The month before they joined, RPF had just won the Christmas Chaos so were riding high on their success. They had joined a goliath of an army.

The first tournament that Ella participated in was Ausia Arena. She enjoyed participating in this tournament and was able to witness their first glimpse of success. Not only did they make it through to the finals with RPF but RPF won the whole tournament.

This was not the only time they saw a big moment occur. In May 2022, Link3000 rose up to become a leader. This saw the start of a new era for RPF because the leadership dynamics had changed and much more was in store for the army.

RPF during the Ausia Arena tournament finals

Despite the big change within the army, Ella kept on working and was soon promoted to Officer (staff) in July 2022. Ultimately, more big changes would soon occur as F6sixer retired after a year of leading. Yet, neither RPF nor Ella gave up, they kept on fighting. They have fought many battles in tournaments and in wars, but one thing is for sure, their dedication to the army was instrumental to their success in RPF.

Not only did they keep rising up the ranks but they helped the army to secure the Christmas Chaos in 2022. Since then, many things have taken place. They witnessed World War IX take place and through their efforts were eventually able to make their way up to Third-in-Command in September, earlier this year. This is the role that Ella currently serves as.

Ella in a recent RPF event

Outside of RPF, Ella has many hobbies. Some of their favorite hobbies are skating and reading. Alongside this, she has shown interest in the mystery genre, due to her favorite pieces of media being The Lost Bookshelf and Sherlock Holmes. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and watch TV shows like Sherlock. It’s clear to see that Sherlock Holmes is one of Ella’s big interests. The mysteries within Sherlock leave the viewers with many questions and often encourage them to be more attentive to detail.

Ella’s favorite show

Club Penguin Armies sat down with Ella to talk more about her interests and future in the army community.

Would you ever consider writing a book or a show script?

I have no intentions of writing a book or show script 😅 but if I got the chance, it’d probably be about some murder mystery or just something that falls in the line of mysteries.

What do you like the most about RPF?

I like that RPF is a very friendly, fun and welcoming community, and I really like working with the staff and troops.

What are your favorite memories in RPF?

One of my favorite memories so far is probably my first tournament, which was ausia arena I really enjoyed battling other penguins and getting to see how it the whole army works.

Was it difficult to learn how to skate?

Honestly for me it wasn’t that hard after you find your balance and learn how to move your feet right you get the hang of it pretty quickly, i’d say it took me about 3-4 weeks learn it.

Do you have future plans in the army community?

As of right now, I’m not super sure but staying enlisted is my plan LOL

What advice would you give new members who want to rise up towards HCOM?

Keep up the amazing work! And don’t lose your motivation just because you don’t get promoted right away.

A person staying loyal to just one army is a rare sight in the army community. However, she seems to be enjoying her stay at RPF and is grateful for all the friends she made along the way. Do you think Ella will become a leader in the future? Will she help RPF to win another trophy? We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish Ella the best of luck in their future

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