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Welcome back to Behind The Scenes, the column where we look into the day-to-day life of a community member. This time, we will look into the life of Feliks, who currently serves as a Cartoonist, Moderator and Community Committee member.

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Feliks, also known as Guta, started playing Club Penguin in 2012 when the fair came to town. However, it was not until 2013 that they started to explore the English-language servers of the game. While exploring the game, they came across an orange group of penguins hosting an event. This group was, of course, the Nachos. They enjoyed the events Nachos held but they could not get too involved because of the language barrier.

Feliks’ native language was Portuguese so it was hard for them to connect with people and armies. Most armies were English-based with a majority of English speakers, making it even harder to try and fit in. They attended a few events here and there but waved farewell to the community in 2015.

Club Penguin went on to shut down just two years later. Yet, it was after its closure that Feliks made his return to the community. After a few months went by, following the closure of Club Penguin, some tried new ways to keep armies alive. Feliks came across Tubas, which he went on to join. However, his stay did not last long as the army was too disorganised with, in Feliks’ opinion, a lack of leadership structure.

A Tubas event

Despite the rough start, Feliks never gave up. They soon went on to join the Romans, working their way up the ranks and earning their place within the army. They were able to learn a lot about the army community through the Romans and the wars that took place. One of the memorable wars was the war against the Club Penguin Crew.

Officially beginning in late January 2018, a war broke out between CPC and Romans as the Romans decided to raid CPC. Despite raiding them, Romans lost the battle which broke out with their max peaking at 10. However, they went on to win the following battles in the war until CPC was defaced by Security in February. Feliks was then approached to join the Dark Knights Empire. Shortly after accepting he soon became Emperor of the army of the army.

An alliance created with the Underground Mafias Army in a war led him to come face to face with his old army, the Romans. Shortly after the war began, the Empire merged into Romans and the Mafias soon teamed up with them to take on a much larger threat, the Elite Guardians. This was short-lasting though as Romans withdrew from the war a day later.

Romans during an invasion on UMA

Feliks worked his way to become Third-in-Command within the army before it closed down. It was not until November 2018 that they met Cookky2 who properly introduced him to the Elite Guardians. He was intrigued by the army as it was Brazillian/Portuguese-based so it enabled them to connect with others who could speak Portuguese. They soon joined for the position of Third-in-Command.

He quickly made a good impression in EGCP, showing his experience and even leading events fairly early on in his journey there. He quickly became Second-in-Command, showcasing his abilities even more. This allowed him to be involved in decision-making and help out with the troops. Their experience with English armies helped him to support EGCP in becoming more involved with the wider community. He helped them to craft new relationships and explore different possibilities.

They became allies with the United Republic of Penguins among others and eventually formed a coalition against the Underground Mafias Army. He kept helping the army in every way he could, even when he had to be slightly more inactive for personal reasons. He was able to help the Guardians in their infamous wars against the Templars. Feliks has used his experience from other armies to help boost EGCP. Ultimately, he retired when the army closed in 2020, leaving armies behind him.

EGCP raiding TCP in 2018

Earlier in the year, he came back to advise the army when they reopened.  After their hard work in the army between 2018 and 2020, and helping to advise the new generation in 2023, he quickly earned the role of Consul in July. His promotion showed how valuable he was to the army.

When asked about his favourite moments in armies, Feliks stated that he looks back fondly on all moments within EGCP. However, one moment he will always remember is the aftermath of a battle where EGCP fought the Templars. The aftermath saw Xing, TCP creator, enraged and shouting that everyone was demoted.

Outside of armies, Feliks is interested in cartography and vexillology, map making and flag making respectively. He enjoys making maps for historical projects and has even created one for EGCP. Coinciding with his love for history and map making, he loves civilisation games. These games allow players to build their own empires in competition with other empires. This also links to armies as they can be seen as very similar. An army can be seen as an empire that is built which challenges others to rule over all.

Outside of these hobbies, he enjoys playing video games like Genshin Impact, Brawlhalla and Stardust Valley. He also plays volleyball on the weekend with his friends. Feliks is a man of many interests and hobbies and to add to this list, he also considers himself to be a bookworm. It’s surprising that a person may have time to do all of this and still have time for armies but it is clear to see that he will help out whenever he is needed.

Currently, he is a Community Committee member, Moderator and Cartoonist. Despite having a lot of responsibilities he enjoys creating imaginative cartoons for people to see. It is one of his favourite things to do.

A graphic Feliks made for EGCP

To learn even more about Feliks, Club Penguin Armies approached them for an interview.

So, who is Feliks behind the scenes and away from the army scene?

Offline, i would say i am a mere college student, i have a job, hobbies and a pet dog and have overall a quiet life. I am a person that normally seeks to know more about the world i inhabit, it’s wonders, it’s horrors, it’s differing views, it’s unique expressions, i think it would be appropriate to call myself idealistic, but also a very down-to-earth person, equally emotive and reasonable.

What led you to return to the community in 2017, after Club Penguin shut down? Do you regret not returning sooner?

Nostalgia, i’m pretty sure. By the time of the Shutdown, i had already stopped playing Club Penguin so when i saw the news i was, to say the least, pretty bummed out. When Club Penguin Rewritten launched immediatedly afterwards i quickly joined it and became a regular player, after a few months i came across a RPF event back when they were maxing 60+ regularly, that made me want to return to the army community, but in S/M armies such as the Romans or Tubas.
I don’t regret not returning sooner, honestly. From what i’ve seen and heard, the army was already in a state of decay by the time of the shutdown, so i doubt it would have had any effect on me.

You previously stated you enjoyed cartography and vexillology, what encouraged you to start making these yourself?

Since i was a kid i was always driven to world History, great empires, states, wars, revolutions events. It’s all something that always fascinated me, and maps and flags are two things that are very much naturally correlated to this, so it became a niche interest of mine that i still enjoy to this day.

When choosing a book to read, what do you typically look for? Is there a specific genre that interests you?

It depends, sometimes i go by the author, the genre or things i’ve heard about the book. I’m a not a very selective person when it comes to reading, and i enjoy most genres, the only real exception being modern romance and fantasy, it throws me off for various reasons.

Did any of your readings inspire what you did/do in armies at all? If so, how?

Honestly? Yes. I have both willing and unwillingly taken some inspiration from History during my army career, some good examples in EGCP would be the Consul role, which was inspired by the old political position during the Roman Republic, the “Cobras Fumantes” symbolism which is taken directly from the Brazilian Expeditionaty Forces in WW2, our war flag, which is modelled after the WW1 Imperial German war flag, as well our AUSIA division “Bushido” which adopts a japanese samurai clan aesthetic.

What does the future hold for you, inside or outside of CPA?

That’s a tricky question, the future is forever uncertain, but as for my plans for CPA, i simply wish to remain advising for EGCP for the time being, sometimes showing up to help during wars or tournaments, but nothing beyond that as i am very well past my prime. In real life, i plan on finishing my bachelor, and beggining a third language study, right now i’m considering French, Mandarin and Arabic.

Thank your time and for the amazing interview. It has been amazing to learn about Feliks’ past and their impact on Elite Guardians. Despite the barrier that was put in front of them, they overcame all adversity to get to where they are today. Do you think Feliks will work his way up to becoming head moderator in the future? Will we ever see him lead the Guardians? Or will he step out of armies to focus on his real life? We wish Feliks the best of luck in his future.

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