CPA Ice Breakers: Calgocubs21

Welcome to the second edition of Club Penguin Armies Ice Breakers. In this column, we play fun games with community members and get to know more about them through the games. Today, we will learn more about Calgocubs21 and know who he really is.

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Calgocubs21 first joined the army community back in 2006, with his first army being the Army of Club Penguin. He was also in multiple other armies during the Original Club Penguin era, such as the Nachos, Warriors of Club Penguin, Fire Warriors, Golden Troops, and Black Panthers. He was also a leader of the CP Guards in 2010. Calgo left the army community in 2011, only to return ten years later with a dream of being commander in ACP. Soon enough, in September 2022, Calgo was inducted as the leader of the army. After having accomplished everything he had planned to achieve in the army, Calgo decided to retire in October 2023. Right now, he is working as a member of the Community Committee.

Calgocubs21 Retirement Event

Funky Facts

To warm up and better understand who Calgo is, let us see some of the most interesting facts about him!

  • I am related to Paul Revere
  • I run several non-profits related to helping victims of scams and hunting down scammers
  • I was the captain of my school’s football team
  • I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • I was the lead in High School Musical and Oklahoma
  • I’m an Eagle Scout
  • I work as an Accountant
  • Ambassador for Corsair
  • President of my university’s Outdoors Club
  • In two fraternities

Answer or Expose

Do you think you know everything about Calgo by now? Well, you would be wrong. For our next game, Answer or Expose, Calgo will be faced with a tough question he needs to answer. If Calgo chooses not to answer, he will be exposed! We asked Calgo, “Do you ever regret returning to Club Penguin Armies 10 years after you left? What made you come back?”. Unfortunately, Calgo replied only three minutes later, meaning he would not be exposed this time. Here is what he had to say.

Ooh dang hitting me with the tough questions. I mean sometimes I do regret it purely because armies does eat away at a lot of my free time which I have very little of these days, but at the same time I don’t because I’m extremely fortunate for all the new friends I’ve been able to make in this community especially at ACP and all the amazing moments we’ve had that I still cherish to this day. Getting to lead ACP let alone doing it successfully is something that I will never regret and will always be super grateful for having the chance to do. I decided to return back to armies in 2021 by complete accident. One day I was just looking for Discords to join and I searched Club Penguin and the first option that popped up on server discovery was ACP by complete coincidence. This of course took me by surprise because I thought that ACP had closed down permanently during the shutdown of OG CP. This was also a time where I was going through tough time irl so I needed an outlet to get my mind off of everything and distract myself.

Who Said This?

Moving on, in our next game, Calgo is presented with the challenge of identifying a person through a sentence they said. I have contacted one of Calgo’s friends, someone he respects, for them to write a quick sentence to see if Calgo would recognize them.

“Why use chatgpt when you can get calgo to write essays?😏”

Calgo: Either Shane or Sanya wrote that lmao. Im gonna go with Shane tho.

Calgo was wrong. He had one last guess left. He decided to guess Austin, but that was wrong too. It turned out to be CSY, former ACP leader.

What does CSY mean to you?

Im speechless right now, ive never seen him say that lmaooooo. CSY means to me genshin impact.

Complete The Sentence

Lastly, Calgo is presented with 5 sentences which he needs to continue. Simple, right? Let’s see Calgo’s responses!

My favorite army I led is… ACP because of all the people I met and grew closer to as a family along the way. CPGuards was fun, but more of a less serious army that I started when I was 9 so it doesn’t hold the same weight compared to ACP.

One person I am lucky to have met is… Zeus because he gave me a shot when no one else believed in me and without his mentoring I would’ve never became leader. His advice led me towards my success and even when I was backed against a wall and thought about giving up I pushed forward because of his advice.

After I leave the CPA community I would like to… actually release my retirement post that is coming out in year 2048.

The name Calgo comes from… my brother. Calgocubs21 was my brother’s username that he used back in the early 2000s and since we shared accounts we used his username for Club Penguin.

My favorite moment in my whole time in CPA is… raiding IW and WV back to back in November 2022 and telling them TOPMYPUFFLE in our green puffle outfits. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush that I got from that raid and it was hysterical how unhinged we were and how triggered the other side got.

That is it for this edition of CPA Ice Breakers. From this, we can tell that Calgo is a very talented person, with a unique personality. I got to learn a lot of stuff about him I didn’t know before. Did you find out things you didn’t know before about Calgo? What was the most interesting part? 

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