Club Penguin Armies Holiday Season 2023

Just like last year, Club Penguin Armies has so many exciting events planned this holiday season. We wanted to go into the New Year as strong as possible, so we hope you all take part in this enjoyable events that are sure to make long lasting memories.

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Christmas Chaos XIII Bracketology

Once again, bracketology returns for one of the biggest tournaments of the year. The concept of bracketology was first introduced to the community by DMT. He took inspiration from real life sport tournaments and turned it into a prediction tournament for armies. Submissions for Christmas Chaos XIII‘s bracketology closed on December 2. Since then, each weekend the bracket has been updated with those who accurately predicted the outcomes of the battles. The winner will receive a $10 gift card and an exclusive role on the Discord server. You can read more about it here.

Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest

For the first time in Club Penguin Armies history, we are sponsoring an igloo contest. Due to the limitations of Battleground’s igloo items, the administration has approved the use of private server Club Penguin Journey. However, please be sure to use a VPN every time you access the site, and participate in the contest at your own discretion. Regardless of the private server, you should always be doing your own research regarding its safety. All participants will have until December 23 to submit their igloo designs in the proper Discord channel. Once submission time has concluded, a panel of judges will be assessing whose igloo has the most holiday spirit. And of course there are prizes to win, including the ability to add to our Discord soundboard. You can read more about it here.

Legend Inductions 2023

Who remembers the infamous legend inductions of last year? Despite its controversies, the legend inductions were favorably viewed by its participating committee. Similar to previous years, the legends committee will be ran independently of media organizations by a team of legends who will put together a nominations list. Since I am no longer the head of such committee, there may be some important changes to the legends committee in response to the many concerns that last year put to the forefront. As always, we will be following the legend inductions process closely and are excited to see what discussion it will bring to the community at large.

Winter Awards and Winter Wonderland Gala

This year, we chose to do seasonal awards a little bit differently. Instead of limiting accomplishments to the season itself, we expanded it: the Summer Awards covered roughly the first seven months of 2023. Now, we plan to replicate that with the Winter Awards covering the second half of the year. With a year that was arguably more eventful than 2022, there is many things to celebrate including the incredibly hardworking and wonderful people who contribute to the production of all things Club Penguin Armies. Voting for the Winter Awards will begin on December 23. Then, on December 30 following the conclusion of the voting, a Winter Wonderland Gala will commence where the announcement of the winners amongst other exciting news will be held.

Person of the Year 2023

Arguably, the most prestigious award a person can receive. As we ring in the New Year, we will announce the person who (we feel) has impacted the community the most throughout 2023. Do not fret, the glory will not go all to one person. Club Penguin Armies plans to announce close runner-ups as a way to shed light on the many personalities that made this year a great one.


Similarly to how we ranked ‘Top Five Moments during our one year anniversary, we plan to revisit some of the published Time Capsule columns throughout the year. These columns asked community members about their predictions on future events or things going on in the community at that time. With the amount of administration or tournament format changes, a lot has happened this year so we hope you are as eager as us to review the past year together.

Top Ten Armies of the Year 2023

From January to December, this post will include all armies that were included in at least one Top Ten this year. With sizes continuing to plateau, the competition was more fierce than ever this year. Last year, the Templars completely dominated the scene with their large sizes. On the other hand, this year it could be anyone’s game.

New Year Bonanza

If your army wasn’t satisfied with its Christmas Chaos XIII performance, boy, do we have the pitch for you. Two years ago, as a way to celebrate the arrival of 2022, the community witnessed a new judging format for a community-wide server battle tournament. This one day tournament was called the New Year Bonanza. Back before Wynn retired, the administration agreed that this would be a fun concept to bring back. The first New Year Bonanza had two winners: one for the major army division and another for the small-medium army division. What new concepts will be introduced to this contemporary tournament this year?

Of course, there is many and more things to occur during the holiday season so always be sure to keep checking in on our Discord server. Personally, this year has been one of the most incredible out of the many I’ve been here for. I am so tremendously grateful for all the unique individuals that make space in their lives to support Club Penguin Armies. I am excited to start the next chapter, and I hope you all join me on this journey. From the administration, we wish every single one of you a very happy (and cozy) holiday season. Stay healthy.

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