All I Want For Christmas Part 2

Towards the end of the year, festivities start for many people in the community. Despite no presents being given, there are still things that people wish for as the festive holiday nears.

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In the first part of All I Want For Christmas, five leaders were interviewed. These leaders went on to share their goals and wishes as the year slowly comes to an end. Each of these leaders had different goals that they wanted to accomplish, either with their army or outside of it. But one thing was clear; the leaders had their respective armies at the forefront of their minds.

While not all wishes can come true, it was clear to see that these leaders will do everything they can to put their army in the best position possible. Can the same be said for the rest of the leaders within the community? Let’s find out!

Club Penguin Armies approached some more army leaders to find out what they want for Christmas this year.

Krill, Special Weapons And Tactics Leader: We want gifts for the SWAT Community from SANTA!

SANTA (Strength, Activity, Neatness, Toughness, Ambitious) shall assist SWAT rise again. SWAT has organized the month with massive preparations, primarily because we are ambitious to achieve greater results during and after December 2023. This was entitled as the December 2023 and Beyond project. This would help us sound victorious for the Christmas Chaos XIII tournament, the Merry Christmas event, and the Final Event of 2023! As Christmas is approaching, and as we near the end of the year, we must claim our desired gifts.

We believe in actions and not just words. The SWAT Corporation should fulfill its promises. We have recently introduced several features in SWAT, including Seasons, and is accessible to all troops, just to enjoy Christmas to its fullest! This is exactly what we want for Christmas!

Time is precious, with plans initiated from November 2023, we expect Christmas to be a winter wonderland! Now, the question arises, why does SWAT need to celebrate the end of the year to its fullest? Because, we would like to conclude Year 2023 with hype and happiness! We want to print our final marks of the time we have devoted and add another chapter to our legacy.

Let us hope that SANTA delivers our desires! Salutations from the Agents and the Agency!

Alu, People’s Imperial Confederation Leader: Tough question, I’m not quite sure really since I’ve already achieved a lot of my goals this year so we kinda just cruising

Toxic Storm, Coup Crusaders Leader: I’d like the Coup Crusaders family to grow and go on great adventures. Be it wars, tournaments or fun battles with other armies. A gift is great when it can be shared.

Link3000, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader: Probably win Christmas Chaos and just have a nice last month of the year with a bunch of fun activities, end the year on a high note.

Lassarote, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin Leader: For the Christmas season, I would like to, well, first and foremost, win Christmas Chaos. As well as maintaining the unity and spirit in EGCP through the end of the year so that we may have a solid basis for our 2024 plans.

Once again, most of the leaders have expressed their desires for their respective armies to be successful. Success is a common desire for both new and old leaders as they and their armies are judged daily. This pushes leaders to strive for more and to prove everyone who may have doubted them wrong. It also gives them the chance to put their army in the best position as they possibly can.

With that being said, leaders are not the only people within armies with goals. Army members may also wish for their army to be successful but is this the only thing they wish for?

Club Penguin Armies approached some army members to find out what they want for Christmas.

LuckyKeanu, Help Force Sergeant: Be more active.

V!!, People’s Imperial Confederation Staff: Well I do want to be more active, but that’s a thing that I can work on myself, and I’ve mostly done everything I wanted to do, so now I just look forward to the future and what silly shenanigans can happen, and I guess I just look forward to the future of armies and PIC in general. But that’s about it, I don’t really have a need or want for anything this christmas.

DiamondMC, Water Vikings Viking Commodore: For WV to win Christmas Chaos of course XD, and if not, just for me and everyone in WV to have a fun time at the events, and to be strengthened in our community and bonds, ready for future event!

Bigbonny, Army of Club Penguin Staff: For ACP to get as close to winning christmas chaos as we feasibly can

The answers from members within armies differ from the leaders’ answers. However, one thing is clear, there is still a big focus on their army. Whilst half of them want to be more active, the other half aim for success in the Christmas Chaos tournament. It shows that even troops share the weight of responsibility that the leaders have, whether it be their own activity or their army’s successes or failures.

It is important to mention that, as some of the members have shown, it is not bad to have personal goals. While it may seem selfish to set a personal goal, even these goals can benefit the army. Lucky, for example, wants to become more active which will not only help them, personally, but the army too.

Not all goals may be personal or for an army, they could be both at the same time. An army’s success benefits people within the army while personal success could also benefit an army. “Win together, fall together” is a motto within the community which exemplifies the spirit of armies. No matter if it is a win for an army or for an army member, everyone around them can feel that same joy. Whatever your goals are as we head into the end of the year, strive to achieve them. After all, without goals motivation can dwindle.

We at Club Penguin Armies wish you all the merriest Christmas/ happiest of holidays. We hope you all get exactly what you are wishing for.

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