Holiday Igloo Decorating Contest

In this holiday season, the Community Committee is proud to present you with something never before seen in this league. We challenge YOU, community members, to decorate your igloo in a cozy, festive, and holiday manner, hoping that you find this contest fun, enjoyable, and jolly!

Designed by Cassie

The Igloo Decorating Contest will be unique as the community will decorate igloos on a different CPPS rather than Club Penguin Armies: Battleground, as we are used to. This activity will be hosted on Club Penguin Journey. 

How to Participate

  • The Community Committee suggests that you start farming coins now if you wish to participate, as you have to earn coins instead of being given them. You can mine and play all the games in this CPPS so if you put a bit of effort into it you will have lots of coins in no time.
  • Decorate your igloo in any festive manner you wish to. Club Penguin Armies has a diverse community so it does not have to be strictly Christmas theme! For example, you could decorate your igloo for Hanukkah if that is what you celebrate.
  • An igloo submission channel will open on December 15th for community members to start posting their igloo. When posting your igloo please include a title of what you named it and a short description of the festivities it would be used for. If your igloo is not titled or does not have a short description it will not be counted.
  • The deadline to submit your decorated igloo will be December 23rd at 10 PM EST. After this deadline, the community will be able to vote for their favorites by reacting with a chosen emote. If anyone talks in the igloo submission channel their vote will not be counted. 


  • There will be 5 judges for this igloo contest, Aubz, Mads, Calgo, Disha, and Mchappy, who will choose first, second, and third place. The community will also vote for their favorite, the community choice winner! The community choice igloo can be the same as who the judges pick for first, second, or third but it does not have to be.
  • First place igloo will receive a $10 gift card of some sort which can also be used for Discord nitro if you want instead, as well as an exclusive role in the CPA server. Along with their choice of soundboard addition in the CPA server. 
  • Second and Third place will receive an addition of a soundboard sound in the CPA server. 
  • Community Choice Igloo will receive an exclusive role in the CPA server as well as an emote addition of their choosing. 


This is the first time our community has hosted an event on a different CPPS, so please exercise caution when using this website. We suggest using a VPN while building your igloo. With that being said, if you are worried about using this CPPS, I will refer you to the exclusive interview Club Penguin Armies had with the founder of Club Penguin Journey, Amman. This interview is insightful to the inner workings of this CPPS and has some good information if you are on the fence about participating.


We hope you enjoy this community event and get creative with the decoration of your igloos. If you have any questions or comments about this contest please direct them to Aubz. Happy Decorating!



Community Committee Head

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  1. AhsokaTano24 December 12, 2023 (1:00 am)

    So CPA finally approved CPJ! It’s about damn time!!

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