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Welcome to Army Front, the column where we catch up with this week’s stand-out army. This week, we are exploring the highs and lows faced by the People’s Imperial Confederation in their unique journey as a small-medium army.

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The People’s Imperial Confederation was formed on October 17th, 2019 after the end of the ‘War of No Return’. Confederation creators Sidie9 and SirProditor had intended to revive the People’s Republic Army, however, they were denied by a veteran.  The Confederates faced tough beginnings, but after their Operation: Imperatoria, they expanded the army by acquiring more land and forming alliances with multiple armies. Following an unsuccessful war with the Army of Club Penguin and amidst leadership turmoil, the Confederation abruptly closed its doors. In March of 2020, NotManuGinobili revived the army for a second generation with Sidie9’s permission. Though this generation was short-lived, the Confederation participated in the first Challengers Cup, facing defeat against the Pizza Federation in the Grand Finals.

PIC vs. Aliens First Challengers Cup

In January of 2021, the People’s Imperial Confederation returned for an eventful third generation. The Confederation engaged in several wars, including World War VIII and the Fools Gold Wars against the Golden Troops. The Confederates also saw involvement in several tournaments, such as Legends Cup XI and Challengers Cup 2, in which they were defeated by the Fire Warriors, once again in the Grand Finals. This generation witnessed the emergence of key individuals in the leadership that played a significant role in the success of PIC today. These individuals included Shallissa, LEGOMAN, and Cabin, previously referred to as the ‘Dream Team’.

PIC vs. FW Challengers Cup 2

Faced with controversy, the Confederation leadership dwindled into inactivity. However, this didn’t stop Sidie9 and Shallissa from reviving PIC for its fourth and current generation in January of this year. PIC has been involved in several conflicts throughout the year, most recently during World War XIII as founders of the Sapphire Concordat, aligning themselves against the Blue Sunset Alliance. Though the army lost its capital shortly before the war ended, a treaty between the alliances rendered neither side victorious. They subsequently participated in a couple of tournaments, most notably achieving a win in Beach Brawl III.  Defeating the Friendly Gamers and Special Weapons and Tactics in a three-way battle, the occasion was greatly honored by the army.

Beach Brawl III: PIC vs. SWAT vs. FG

Despite the ups and downs that the People’s Imperial Confederation faced throughout the generations, they have continued to shine their name on the army community. PIC has shown in recent years that they are the embodiment of never backing down and never giving up, a great example to put within the Small/Medium armies. How did the Confederates manage to stay alive to this day?

Club Penguin Armies reached out to Sidie9, asking about the struggles that PIC had to face to ensure its presence up to now.

Sidie9: An army will stand tall only if its leaders truly believe in it. After leading the Confederation for three years and participating in the army community for twelve, I’ve learnt that the biggest reason for failure is when commanders lose faith or interest. Most of the time this occurs because growth eventually reaches a plateau. You might be adding 5 to your average size every week, but eventually this will stop. For example, Xing’s Templars took years upon years to become the powerhouse you know today. If TCP’s leaders had given up at the sight of trouble, the Crusaders would have shut down extremely early on. Just like troops, leaders need ways to keep themselves engaged.

PIC has managed to survive for many reasons, but one of them is the camaraderie we’ve developed. Our culture, including our memes and history, is a big part of our identity. All of the leaders are friends and, as a result, we all want to see our army succeed. We could’ve given up like the Coup Crusaders or Lime Green Army but we didn’t, and for that I am immensely proud. Furthermore, though I haven’t announced this publicly, I’d like to say that Shallissa and I will be stepping down from the leadership soon. I know that the enduring spirit of our army will last in our absence, and I am excited to see how the story of the People’s Imperial Confederation will continue!

Though Top Ten results have been lacking in recent weeks, Sidie9 puts a clear message that PIC is not planning on going down that easily. As she mentions, many armies have had to endure tough moments in their history to be the dynamic army they are today, and the Confederates are in that stage as of now. Do you think the People’s Imperial Confederation will become one of the top armies next year? Or will they shut down soon?  We, at Club Penguin Armies, wish good luck to the People and their vision of becoming a dominant army soon.

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